Lesnard’s Marketing Career has Always Focused on Development and Transformation

This is an interesting Steve Lesnard – North Face Podcast about how brands can leverage data to better understand their customers’ needs and expectations in order to drive better products innovation as a result. Steve Lesnard is a brand strategist, marketer, and business executive with over 25 years of experience building iconic brands and consumer experiences. Lesnard has a proven track record of building brands that drive growth for large multi-national companies and smaller start-up ventures. Before joining Sephora, Lesnard served as CMO of The North Face, where he helped drive growth through product innovation, brand storytelling, and digital marketing. As the Chief Brand Officer at Sephora, Lesnard oversees all aspects of Sephora’s brand strategy, including its visual identity, innovation lab, marketing efforts, and consumer engagement strategy across all retail channels.

Steve Lesnard influences consumer insights from data analytics to drive product innovation. Lesnard’s marketing career has always focused on development and transformation. He brings his experience from global brands like The North Face to Sephora, where he’s helping to grow its brand globally through digital marketing strategies. He highlights that businesses should always look for opportunities to learn from consumers through qualitative or quantitative research. Lesnard believes that companies need to do both if they want their products to resonate with customers. This process begins with listening to consumers through various channels, including social media, online reviews, and market research. By focusing on consumer insights rather than internal data, companies can better understand what their customers want and need, which helps them create products that will resonate with their target audiences. According to him, it is important for marketers to have access to data science resources to make more informed decisions about what products they should develop next.

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