Will Wes Edens Bring MLS to Vegas?

Major League Soccer (MLS) currently has 29 teams across the United States, which provide soccer fans with entertaining soccer matches throughout the county. Wes Edens is looking to establish the 30th team, and he hopes that Las Vegas will be the recipient. By 2023, the Las Vegas Villians might be a reality.

In an article published to the 90 Min wesbite, author Matt O’Conner-Simpson covers the possible MLS expansion, which might bring a team to Las Vegas. He also explains how and why people like Wes Edens are behind the efforts.

Should the deal work out, the Villians name already has been agreed upon and trademarked. And if the dreams of professional soccer in Vegas come to fruition, Wes Edens will have served as a key mover and shaker in making those dreams a reality.

O’Conner-Simpson’s article doesn’t just point to the fact that Edens is behind the efforts. The feature also covers Eden’s partners. Already well-known for their record of success in various sports industries, Wes Edens again is partnering with another heavy-hitter, Nassef Sawiris, to bring an MLS team to Nevada.

Should the deal be finalized, other sports-industry leaders, like Bill Foley, also might be at the table. Foley, who owns the Las Vegas Knights, a team in the National Hockey League, has demonstrated interest in helping Edens and Sawiris with their efforts.

In the 90 MIN write-up, MLS Commissioner Don Garber also expressed his interest in their being a Major League Soccer team in Las Vegas. Garber commented that Wes Eden’s efforts are intriguing, especially since plans fell through for there to be a new team in Phoenix or San Diego.