Why Do You Need Solar Energy from PosiGen?

Did you know one hour of sunshine can meet global energy needs for a year? The sun is a powerful and significant energy source. Even with a small fraction of the energy, installing solar panels can harness this power. It’s possible to bring a difference to the planet earth. The technology of harnessing solar energy is changing drastically. According to Thomas Neyhart, it’s producing efficient and clean energy people can depend on. PosiGen outlines the benefits of using solar energy as follows:


Renewable source of energy


The sun shines 365 days a year. You can’t run out of solar energy compared to other energy sources. The access to solar energy is endless as sunlight will continue to be available to us for as long as we live. Scientists believe the sun will die 5 billion years to come. We’ve got a lot of time left to use the sun’s energy (Bloomberg).


Diverse applications


Solar energy has diverse purposes; it can generate heat or electricity. The power can be accessed without passing through the energy grid. It’s more applicable in regions without or with a limited water supply. Lastly, it can be used to power space satellites to promote effective communication.


Low maintenance costs


Solar energy systems require little maintenance. They only need to be kept clean. Clean it several times within a year. But, it’s necessary to engage a specialized cleaning company. Its services can range between 250$-350$. The most reliable solar panels come with a warranty of 20-25 years. Thomas Neyhart from PosiGen points out that, considering there are no moving parts, wear and tear can’t be a reason for the solar panel’s damage. The investor is among the few gadgets that require a change after 5-10 years. Also, cables need constant maintenance to allow maximum efficiency.


Reduces electricity bills


The use of solar energy reduces bills. You will save a lot after installing a solar system. The installation of commercial solar panels is beneficial as it’s economical when using large systems that demand a large amount of power. You won’t incur a lot of cash if you connect your surplus power source to the grid.


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