White Shark Media has doubled in size already

White Shark Media is a successful online digital marketing company that specializes in helping monitor and improve the marketing presence of both small and medium-sized businesses. This company is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies operating in the United States.

White Shark Media has expanded as a direct result of so many customers recommending their services. Small businesses that are not sure of how to properly run a search marketing campaign may end up overspending or not receive clicks because of lack of experience. White Shark Media helps companies get the most out of their money. Search marketing is a game and White Shark Media employees are professionals.

White Shark Media has access to plenty of marketing tools. Whatever it is that your business may need, this digital marketing agency can help. White Shark Media works with any project (big or small) related to keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics integration, and competitive intelligence.

The company was created in 2011 by three Danish friends with expertise in marketing and business research. The guys had one goal, to be the best search marketing agency in Latin America and the United States.

To ensure that the company would succeed, the founders made sure that they hired all of the best employees to attract more customers. It is also important to have an equal offshore and domestic presence. Customers have grown to trust White Shark Media because they have the numbers to back up their claims. Small and medium-sized businesses can walk away with a more successful marketing campaign with the help of an agency like White Shark Media rather than running one on their own.

White Shark Media’s very first customer is still working with them several years after the company first opened for business. Reputation is critical to all businesses. A good reputation is one of the best ways to get more customers.

Today, White Shark Media has hired more than 200 employees with skill sets in AdWords Search, Display Advertising, and Google Analytics. The company was handed the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership during the summer months of 2014. Microsoft saw the success of this company and offered them the opportunity to join the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

The company has already doubled its size in four years and will continue to grow. They rely on the loyalty of their current customers to keep the business running.

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