What You Need To Know When Shopping For Your First Pair Of Tieks

Tieks are a very popular woman’s ballet slipper shoe. Tieks shoes are very versatile and can be worn with a dress or with jeans. They’re more expensive than the everyday shoe you would see at Walmart are they worth the price? They are because Tieks are very comfortable and versatile.

So, when considering buying a pair you need to think about how many different pairs would you need to buy for them to last as long as a pair of Tieks would in addition to how many different pairs would you need to purchase in order to have a pair of shoes that go with as many different outfits as they can. When you add all that up plus the time energy and effort to have to go shopping and purchasing multiple different shoes it is easy to see the appeal and benefit of these shoes.

So, let’s break down a little more the different types of styles they offer. They have the classics which are one solid color and are made with standard leather. Then we have prints the difference between them, and the classics are they have a pattern instead of the slid color. There are also patents that are like the classic except that they are made in patent leather. Then there is Vegan which as you can probably guess is made without the use of any animal products.Go here for related information.

Now there are the choices for adults. They have just started making their shoes for girls as well. They currently have one style in suede that is called “Rogue”. Now on to their sizing as we all have seen in the past sizing can vary a bit company to company. So, with them keep in mind that they only offer whole sizes of 5-13.t There are not half sizes.


Find more information about them on https://tieks.com/boutiek