Visit Sushi Itto and meet Omar Yunes

World of food and business has changed a lot over the last decade. People like to experience food from different parts of the world. New experience and interest are one of the reasons why the first Sushi Itto restaurant opened in Mexico. The response couldn’t have been better.


As a franchise, the relationship was always significant between them and the mother ship. Omar Yunes, the owner of the Mexican locations of this Japanese chain, knows it best. He now counts on a small army of 400 people. They bring in revenue, but also guarantee great customer experience.


The Best of the Best


High-quality standards, great location, and excellent customer service are the pillars of success in the restaurant business. All the hard work people put in is exactly why this franchise has won the best franchise award. It was first recognized as the best franchise in Mexico regional competition. After they had come out victorious, they were able to participate in the next level of the contest.


The Best Franchisee of the World honors franchises who stand out in their right. Omar Yunes and his Sushi Itto fit the category and now can proudly add this achievement to the already long list.


Nobody enjoys business with grace the way Omar Yunes enjoys his. Although his father is known in politics, this Mexican businessman created his future. He bought one franchise, spruced it up, and invested his time and effort. That allowed the restaurant to grow and become more and more loved. People in Mexico appreciated the new Japanese eatery and kept coming back.


A Self-Made Man


Omar Yunes was able to slow his chain of restaurants. Now he is a proud franchise holder and owner of 13 Sushi Itto places. Only 13 but it already makes up 10% of a Sushi Itto restaurants worldwide.


Omar Yunes didn’t rely on the family but carved out his heritage and fortune with hard work and smart marketing. His methods might be aggressive, but they work.


He knows how to grow the capital and invest in new business ventures when the time is right. There is a sense of pride in his life and his restaurants. He inspires people to do the same.

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