Vik Bansal: Why Smaller Manufacturing Organizations are Important in Australia

Over the years, smaller businesses have always proved that they are fundamental to the success of any economy. This is because the majority of these companies operate in the manufacturing industry. They are, therefore, an important part of the larger manufacturing industry that helps to provide the goods and services that people are looking to consume. In any case, such organizations are essential to the success of any economy out there in the world as they provide competitive products.

However, according to the current observations in Australia, the majority of the smaller organizations that have been operating in the manufacturing niche have been coming across some huge challenges in their industrial activities. Vik Bansal has consistently noted that the government has not been paying attention to the growth of these organizations over the years. That is why all the efforts seem to be directed at the majority of the larger entities in the market.

Besides paying attention to the larger companies in the manufacturing niche, Vik Bansal believes that most of Australia’s manufacturing strategies and policies are generally focused on enhancing the well-being of the larger entities. As a result, very little has been incorporated in the manufacturing industry to support the small companies in this industry over the years. That is why such entities have consistently failed to accomplish their desired objectives as needed.

In the view of Vik Bansal, the huge neglect of the smaller manufacturing companies is the main reason the country has been struggling to feed its population. Therefore, some strategic policies and strategies should be adopted to assist the smaller manufacturing companies. Through such strategies, the country will have some of the best manufacturing sectors that can compete among other huge countries out there in the world. It will also be a more manageable undertaking to supply the local population with good products.

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