Traveling Vineyard Beats Bankruptcy

When deciding where to work we all have different preferences. Some people can not stand to work in a cubicle from nine to five every day while others work better in an office setting with new people to learn from.

For those who like to do work at home whether it is a full-time job or to make money on the side Traveling Vineyard is a place to check out. This place is perfect for the entrepreneurs with ambitious goals who also have a good taste for wine.

With all kinds of products it is best to try it out first before purchasing. Wine is no exception to this idea. Just like any good business Traveling Vineyard came up with a killer idea back in 2001. The idea was that wine needed to be tasted before you make a judgement. That led to the company making a in-home wine tasting solution.

Traveling Vineyard has helped train wine lovers to become wine guides. Wine guides bring bottles of wine to peoples houses to let them compare the tastes for free. There is nothing like relaxing and tasting a good bottle of wine for free.

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Traveling Vineyard did not succeed without failing first. Nearly ten years after the creation of the business the company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010. Despite this obstacle in the road the owners did not give up. They took all they could from their savings accounts to help keep Traveling Vineyard alive. The idea was too good to pass up.

It only took a couple of years for Traveling Vineyard to reach 100,000 in-home wine tasting events. Over a decade after the creation of the company 26 different states have tasted some of their products. Their leadership team has a lot of marketing experience which helped them take the idea to the next level.

The team is dedicated to continuing to educate people on all the different brands of wine and add a little bit of joy to their lives. Who would not love to come home to a free wine tasting event after a long week?

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