Trabuco Takes On New Position Within Bradesco

Bradesco is one of the most well-known banks in Brazil, which is why any changes in the way that they work and their management is going to become big news. Over the past few months, Bradesco has witnessed a lot of significant changes, particularly in terms of who is leading the company and who is taking on the notable positions within Bradesco. Last year, the chairman of Bradesco came forward to make an announcement stating that he would be retiring. The board of directors knew that it would be hard to replace someone like him owing to the fact that he was considered to be one of the most important people at Bradesco.

The person who was to take over Bradesco would have to be able to perform the role of chairman just as well as he did and would have to implement some developments in the company if they wanted to stand out. The decision was tough, and the board of directors ultimately reached a common decision when they decided to instate Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as the new chairman at Bradesco.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco is no new addition to the company. His journey with Bradesco started when he was still a teenager looking out for a job to support himself as a clerk. Now, he stands as one of the most important people in the banking industry and serves as an important member of the company as a whole. Before being offered the position of chairman of Bradesco, Trabuco stood as the President of the company and had been serving in that position since 2009. It was a position through which Trabuco had a great impact on the workings of the company and the endeavors that they took on. When Trabuco was first offered the position of President, Bradesco stood as the second largest private bank in Brazil. The bank had been working towards that coveted number one spot, and under the guidance of Trabuco was finally able to do so. Through his understanding of the field and the banking industry as a whole, he was able to implement a number of things that improved the workings of the company and improved the services that they provide their customers with.

Because Trabuco worked with all facets of the industry and had worked through the ranks, he knows how every small part of Bradesco functions – right from the bank tellers and others working to offer the people their services, to the board of directors who function behind the scenes to ensure that the company is performing at its most optimal.

As the new chairman of Bradesco, Trabuco has a lot riding on his shoulders. He is taking up a position that was previously held by someone for twenty-five years, which is a hard task in itself. Even in the face of this enormous pressure, the board of directors is convinced that Trabuco would be able to perform well and at his most efficient as the new chairman of Bradesco according to Bradesco.

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