Thomas Neyhart from PosiGen: A Leader in Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency

Led by the successful CEO Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen firm is a leading solar energy and energy efficiency company committed to helping homeowners and businesses reduce their energy costs. They offer various services, including solar panel installation, home insulation, and HVAC services. PosiGen is dedicated to providing high-quality service and helping its customers save money on their energy bills.


According to the progress results, Posigen has achieved a goal of providing lighting to more than 18,000 homesteads. This includes households with solar PV, LED, and CFL products. Posigen solar power company has been operational in Louisiana for more than six years and is currently in nine states. Thomas Neyhart recently announced that the Port of New Orleans recently partnered with PosiGen to install solar panels at its facilities. The project will help reduce energy costs for local businesses and demonstrate the port’s commitment to sustainability.¬†


PosiGEN is a company that you can trust to reduce your energy bills!


However, the solar panel system installation for the users is done at no cost to ensure that the middle-class people and the low class have access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy. The PosiGen company installs rooftop solar PV systems on homes at no cost to the customer and guarantees that homeowners will save at least 30% on their energy bills (Prnewswire). 

PosiGen is a leader in solar energy and energy efficiency, and they are committed to helping homeowners and businesses reduce their energy costs. Visit their website today to learn more about their services! It is currently led by Thomas Neyhart. Solar energy is supplied under either leasing or purchasing equipment used to generate and deliver power to the grid. This is a critical step in making solar energy more accessible to homeowners and businesses who want to reduce their energy bills. PosiGen is committed to helping its customers save money on their energy bills, and they offer a variety of services that can help you reduce your energy costs.