The USHEALTH Group making positive changes in the community

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is based in Texas and it has subsidiaries which focus on providing insurance solutions for small businesses, entrepreneurs, families, and their own employees. Its subsidiaries are National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The USHEALTH Group has over fifteen million clients with which it provides personalized insurance covers to through its insurance companies. The USHEALTH Group has been in the industry for more than 5 decades.

The Group offers accident, disease, disability and life insurance. When it comes to insurance, they work on the basis of individual needs to provide a solution using a broad spectrum of tailor made services for their clients. Their products are very innovative, flexible, reliable and affordable which makes them keep their existing customers and attract potential clients.

They cover low and high budget plans depending on your type of income to ensure that all their customers are satisfied. USHEALTH Group insurance companies have gained customer loyalty through maintenance of long and good relationships through providing quality and dependable services. All the agents of the USHEALTH Group are trained and certified before engaging in any representation of the Group’s products.

The USHEALTH Group subsidiaries have worked with the notion that a generic product is not satisfactory for everyone and this is what makes them unique in the market. They also offer an exemplary service for their customers and an easy and straight forward procedure of processing of claims. They were one of the Top 50 companies in Call Centre ranks in North America in 2013 and also have been awarded a rating of A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Everyone working under and for the USHEALTH Group, work with a mission of Helping Other People Everyday, HOPE. This is a positive endeavor to bring out positive outcomes in other people’s lives. This mission, HOPE was founded in 2010 and later partnered with Phoenix of New Orleans, to rebuild homes in New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina.

Bloomberg revealed that The USHEALTH Group through HOPE also donated 45 thousand dollars towards HopeKids in Arizona, a support initiative for families who have children with cancer and other chronic diseases.

Any member of the USHEALTH Group has an access to their online platform where they carry out research in order to make proper decisions. USHEALTH Group also offers dental insurance, premier covers, and income protectors.

Any cover offered by the Group will vary in price and one only gets covered for what was agreed upon when signing the contract. The income protector is particularly useful especially for people with a family or a team. This cover protects one’s bills in case of an accident that causes one not to be able to cater to them.

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