The Made in America Festival’s Covid Approach According to Desiree Perez

The Made in America festival intends to go on even with the rise of the delta variant of covid. Justin Bieber, Megan Thee Stallion, and Lil Baby are going to be some of the performers at the event. The Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez announced some of the measures that the Made in America festival will follow to keep people as safe as possible during the covid pandemic.

The decision to make extra measures for the festival happened after people were disturbed by the Lollapalooza festival having mostly unmasked guests. The Made in America and Coachella events are both following extra precautions so they don’t turn into super spreader events the way Lollapalooza is being labeled by most critics of the event.

Desiree Perez outlined the many different safety measures for Made in America. She stated that the Made in America event will expect ticket holders to present a vaccination card or a negative covid test to be permitted to attend the events. If guests can’t provide one of those, then they can submit a rapid response covid test at the gates. For any guests that refuse to do one of these options, they will not be permitted to attend the festival.

Another step that Desiree Perez outlined is the use of a health app. The app is called Clear Health app. If guests can submit a covid test or their vaccination record card, then they can go ahead and use the app before the music concert to record that they are safe to go to the concert without too much hassle at the gate the day of the concert.

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