The Leader in Stock-Based Loans, Equities First, is Offering Financial Business Help

Managing the finances of your small enterprise entails more than dealing with accounting records. There is the need of handling your business resources well to ensure that your firm manages costs and profits without compromising its key objectives. Dealing with funds affects the whole aspects of your business. Any company that seems to do well but without proper financial guidelines does not go far. In the current economic hardships, Equities First is one of the few experienced companies that will stand with your startup to the end.

Potential investors have the chance to borrow low interests stock-based loans to ensure that their business functions do not stall. After contacting us, we do the evaluation that will determine the right product for your business with most of our clients benefiting more from high LTV (Loan to Value) ratios and fixed & low-interest rates of between 3 to 4 percentages.After signing the agreement and the approval of the loans, a client’s security is shifted to the lender’s custodian account until the entire agreed amount is paid within a span of three years when collateral is transferred to client’s account. Equities First Holdings offers stock loans, applying delivery-versus-payment method- meaning that loan security and proceeds are shifted into the holding account concurrently.

Clients pay interest during the reimbursement period, and some of them benefit from the non-recourse feature where they walk away from repaying their loans and are not held responsible by the lender. Another great feature at Equities First is the non-purpose benefit that permits investors to use their borrowed loans according to their desire.For businesses that cannot manage their finances well, they fail to cater for business costs, thus influencing the entire firm’s operations. Currently, Equities First fills the gap that was left by many traditional lenders- by assisting SMEs to grow and at the same furnishing them with modern financial guidelines.

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