The Futurist Cloud Inventory

There is always something new around the corner. Cloud Inventory is a company that created a cloud-based inventory tool to help with inventory matters. The devices are used widely to provide extended visibility in and outside warehouses from your phone, called Field Management Inventory. This product helps productivity, compliance, inventory optimization, and revenue generation. It can track assets, inventory, tools, job site supplies, and consignment materials online and offline.

Cloud Inventory offers powerful standard applications addressing inventory needs, easy configurations without hiring expensive developers, and insights to monitor and improve supplier performance.

The company was founded in Kansas City, Missouri. The global team has the expertise to distribute solutions to solve business claims. They serve more than 3,000 customers worldwide in industries such as manufacturing, medical device, distribution, etc.

When clients use Salesforce to issue orders, track inventory and labor using a synthesized application straight from a mobile device. As information is inserted into the field, it is put into the rest of the CRM system. According to the CEO of Data Systems International, he believes that Salesforce is the best thing to have to make work easier for employees, managers, etc. Salesforce can be used in many industries to locate customer information, change customer information, or make orders. Best of all it is user-friendly! Anyone can use the system.

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company that provides CRM services and a suite of enterprise applications. To utilize the services side of Salesforces CRM, the company is offering a union of applications to its users. As a result, users will know the location and state of its products in the field in real-time.

As a final observation, the company offers Salesforces CRM to help monitor inventory needs. This technology will just get even better as time goes by in the future. Go here for more information.


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