Sawyer Howitt, the World’s Racquetball Icon

Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneurial athlete whose primary emphasis is on racquetball. He has always admired to be racquetball player ever since he was a child. Sawyer Howitt lives in Portland. In the past, Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) worked for various companies including KURE Juice Bar and RFID Checkout. Having the knowledge and expertise in both the business industry and the sports sector, Howitt utilizes his business knowledge in the racquet court. This has contributed to Howitt’s recognition as a professional player. Sawyer Howitt is recognized by the U.S Racquetball Association due to his business knowledge in the profession.

The following are tips on ways of becoming a pro in racquetball just like Sawyer Howitt. It is important to note that the urge to become a professional in racquetball is amazing. You should first carry out research regarding the best path to follow. Most athletes do not carry out sufficient research before starting their profession. At the end of it all, their poor performance leads to quitting and disappointment.

If your urge of becoming a professional in racquetball is motivated by intrinsic desires, you have to work towards self-accomplishment. To become an expert in racquetball, you should also make a plan and be dedicated to it. A plan helps athletes maximize their performance in the long run. For excellent you athlete motivated to work harder and to push your limits. A coach will also help you to identify your weaknesses and strengths. In other circumstances, it is recommended to look for professional coaches in the local racquetball clubs who will help the athlete attain their goals.


To improve your skills and become a professional racquetball player, you should not compromise on physical training. To attain the right physical shape, an athlete has to engage in the right and appropriate workouts. Afterwards, the athlete should make the racquetball skills better by carrying out consistent practice. During the practice session, you should stay focused to learn how to incorporate new skills learned into the routine. To attain professionalism in racquetball, the athlete has to look out for jobs and sponsors to fund his career.

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Age Is Not A Factor, Just Ask Sawyer Howitt

Being born into a family where entrepreneurship is already part of the fabric is great for a person who is interested in carrying on that spirit. It is not that every child born to entrepreneurial parents are ready to become captains of industry, or to even be particularly industrious, but for those that have an interest, having family that have proven success makes implementing plans for their success a bit easier. Sawyer Howitt is just out of high school, and although he is a talented racquetball player, where he really shines is working as a project manager in his father’s firm, the Meriwether Group.

The young Mr. Howitt is charged with overseeing several facets of projects the firm is involved with. The Meriwether Group is, in and of itself, an entrepreneur incubator of sorts. The entire focus of the firm is to find those that are interested in launching their own businesses and helping them along the path to eventual success. The ability to see company’s through the entire business cycle, from a very young age, is going to give Sawyer Howitt an advantage over most everyone else he will come into contact as his career unfolds and takes shape.

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Sawyer Howitt has spent much of his high school years learning all he can about business and finance. His age keeps him interested in doing everything from analyzing spreadsheet data to taking notes during key meetings. He is eager to learn all he can about business, and he has also delved into various philanthropic ventures, like organizations focused on advancing women’s rights and also those that are focused on educational funding. These are all things he has done while in high school.

He is continuing his education at the University of California at Berkeley planning to major in business and economics. Although much of this young man’s life has been about learning all he can about business, he does make time for racquetball, a sport in which he has consistently excelled, and he can also be found trout fishing around the many lakes and rivers in his home state of Oregon.