The Unique and Intuitive Alex Pall

It would be easy to enjoy the Chainsmoker’s music without realizing how different they are from the standard popular DJ’s we all know. If there’s one word that comes to mind about Alex Pall, it’s intuitive. Everything about his style, how he and his fellow DJ ended up together and the way they arrive at their music, is done by not just sharing his heart but listening to his gut.

To hear Alex talk of meeting his musical partner, Andrew Taggart, reads like a really good first-date story. They were introduced by his manager who thought they may want to collaborate on some music. Instead of a cringe-worthy meeting just to appease the boss, there was an instant musical chemistry that had Alex quitting his full time job and Andrew moving to NYC so they could begin crafting their unique style of dance music. Armed with the same core values, ambition and complementary strengths, they became the Chainsmokers.

Alex had always loved creating dance music. What started as a hobby, morphed into a side gig before it became a consuming passion that could allow him to quit his day job. Alex brings not only his creativity and talent to his music, he also brings personal heart.

Unlike many DJ’s, the Chainsmokers really want to connect with their audience. To achieve this, they use their real life experiences to write their lyrics and bring their music to life. This has allowed their music to be a living and evolving experience versus it sounding stereotypical. Their commitment to connection has also allowed them to collect fans that do not fit into one demographic. They have fans from all over the globe, of all ages and from various backgrounds.

Alex Pall is committed to not becoming complacent in his music or life experiences. His perspective is allowing him to craft music that touches as many people as possible while authentically sharing his own feelings. Alex wants to give his listeners a lot of new experiences and they will be anxiously anticipating his next song and their next connection to him.