Robert Deignan: How to Succeed In Life and Career

Robert Deignan is the chief executive officer and co-founder of the great AYS Digital Services. This is a digital support firm helping customers globally through their concerns in technological matters. Issues may range from connectivity to general troubleshooting and many others. One firm handles all these. Robert Deignan was brought up in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. He proceeded to school in Purdue University through a football scholarship. He received a degree in the area of Organizational leadership from the university. He continued to engage with Miami Dolphins and NY Jets in 1997 and 1998 but later co-founded the Fanlink Inc. this became his first venture in the entrepreneurship world. Robert is currently a seasoned leader at ATS Digital Services alongside his involvement in offshore fishing tournaments. He is fun of sports, and so he actively engages in them.

Robert Deignan shares via an interview session how the idea of ATS Digital Services was birthed. He begins by saying that it all came from a previous firm that he served in. Before founding this business, he was working at Anti-Malware Software Company, but during this time the encountered several technical problems on the installation of the software in their machines. In the end, they were able to sort out the matter, and when he got out of the company, he collaborated with some other staff and utilized the remote connections technologies. This was an opportune time for him and team to be in a position to fix the problems in the computers of their customers. It became a business idea that was birthed successfully. Robert continues to narrate how he makes his day productive. He says that his day begins at around 5 am after which he finishes preparations and goes ahead to meet his friend in the gym. They work out on cardio activity and weight training. He quickly gets home after an hour for coffee and helping the young son take his breakfast. He makes all the possible arrangements in the house and gets to work. He engages in strategizing, answering all the emails, finish any unfinished tasks, and set out for more roles. Robert says that his ideas are born when he not glued to computer or phone.