Steph Korey Launches Hr Oen Suitcase Company

Everyone has a story to narrate, from rugs to richness. One day when Steph Korey was just in school for her last semester as a business student, she received a call from her friend trapped at the airport with a ruined suitcase. She was stranded between buying an extensive high-quality carrier or a cheaper one that would last longer. Steph Korey’s friend experience got her thinking about why there was no affordable and durable suitcase in the market yet.


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Before Steph Korey joined college for her business studies, she had served at the supply chain at the reasonably priced eyewear startup Warby Parker. Her leading role was to coordinate the logistics of accessing the raw materials from merchants to manufactures and later distribute the end products to the consumer from the producers. Her friend was her former coworker, who was a brand marketer. Both of them have experience in a work environment. It was much easier to launch a luggage company three months later after the incident at the airport.

Before launching the suitcase company, the duo interviewed eight hundred individuals to learn about their traveling habits. The questionnaire was to help Steph and her friend analyze all the hardships when traveling with your luggage. One of the most identified hardships was the weight of their luggage’s as you had to incur extra costs at the airport or struggle with several carries. They had to work on the suitcase wheels and zippers to approach the issues effectively. With the help of two industrial designers, Steph managed to manufacturer a product that incorporated stronger wheels and zippers. Also, the suitcases had an outer shell extracted from a light metal, ensuring the suitcase had longer durability.

The Steph Korey brand of suitcase Away stands out from others as they have an inbuilt battery and a charger dock. Therefore when traveling, your worries of when your phone might go off is nothing to worry.3

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