Steph Korey: How to Invest in 2022 amidst new investment trends

By 2022, Steph Korey estimates that net energy production could peak due to a reduction in global oil consumption. The gas-to-liquids (GTL) industry, which uses petroleum to manufacture ethylene and propylene for the plastics industry, could still sustain itself for a few more years but could suffer if growth projections fail to materialize.


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According to Steph Korey, certain countries in the Middle East and the U.S. could begin to feel the economic effects of a global recession. Venezuela, whose economy has been in freefall, could even witness a complete meltdown. This economic state of affairs is not expected to persist for too long. According to recent estimates, the U.S. stock market will also be profitable in 2022. But investors shouldn’t ignore emerging threats.


Hydropower is projected to play a greater role in commercial and utility energy grids as fossil fuel energy sources face increasing competition. The Gulf Coast and Great Lakes are expected to benefit from increased hydroelectric generation. Additional dams on the West Coast and at Great Lakes hydroelectric projects also have great potential.

“The emergence of the new energy corridor is a highly bullish development for downstream energy infrastructure companies,” says Korey. Steph Korey also highlights the renewable energy sector’s tremendous potential. She attributes the recent approval of more renewable power plants to an increasingly environmental-friendly American public.


Following the normalization of the United States’ financial markets, Steph Korey expects a broad recovery in financial services. Investor confidence has steadily improved in recent years, and the next five years could be crucial to the industry’s long-term prospects. New investors would do well to take notice of upcoming trends in this area. For instance, international financial institutions are expected to make significant moves in technology, leveraging mobile and cloud computing capabilities to deliver intuitive and profitable services to their clients.

Real Estate

According to Forbes, real estate investment will thrive as baby boomers retire. There are still substantial numbers of people ready to sell their properties, and downsizing boomers are eager to travel to tropical destinations. Hopes are high that 22 million baby boomers will age to Medicare eligibility in 2022.