Selling Gold: New Player In Town

U.S. Money Reserve is run by a former United States Mint Director, Philip Diehl was the 35th Director and built his career based on public service and financial freedom. Diehl is now able to continue his mission by serving as the president of the U.S. Money Reserve.

He brings experience and knowledge to the precious metals field and increases customer service expectations in a field overrun with low cost, low expectation business models. Customer satisfaction is their highest priority and the goal is to establish long-term relationships with all customers.

The U.S. Money Reserve was recently featured in the PR Newswire in an article highlighting the new and improved features of the online site. The site reflects the U.S. Money Reserve’s

Superior customer service and product knowledge, there is a significant increase in the coin photography on the new site which educates consumers and enhancing the buying experience of precious metals. The website allows the company to be completely responsive to their clients and offers the best product in the precious metals marketplace with their online store.

The U.S. Money Reserve has begun an online competitive marketplace so that there is truly competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion bars. One-on-one consultations, offline releases, assistance with purchasing and secure transaction processing has created a one stop website for those in the precious metals market.

The team at U.S. Money Reserve is knowledgeable and well trained in the unique field of precious metals. The professionals are skilled in coin research and have the market knowledge required to find products offering the highest progit potential for buyers at all levels of the precious metals marketplace.

They go well beyond the standards in the industry by providing an unsurpassed customer service experience that is intended to convert all customers into long-term relationships. The U.S. Money Reserve offers a full refund on orders at the current market rate for 30 days.

They also provide insured and expedited shipping. These are some of the main reasons why U.S. Money Reserve has begun exceeding customer expectations and gaining market share as they company continues to increase the capabilities of their offerings in both experience and technological advances.

Crunchbase said that The U.S. Money Reserve will be on many watch lists as they advance as the largest distributor gold, silver, and platinum products with increasing market share due to the technological capacities enabled by the new website launch.

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