Securus Technologies Helps Jail Officials

I am aware of how the products and services that are being provided by Securus Technologies are helping jail official to nab criminals. This makes the community a safe place. I know of an incidence when the prison officials who were doing some investigation called up Securus Technologies. They wanted to know about the covert alert feature. Next, they made use of this feature to issue a search warrant and catch the suspect and take him into their custody.


There are other mails that I have seen. These are about jail officials listening to inmates talking to inmates. These calls help them to resolve many criminal cases.


There was one mail regarding a call between two siblings. The older sibling was instructing, the younger one about what exactly to answer when he gets questioned about some shooting which had taken place recently. This conversation was instrumental in solving that case.


Clients have appreciated Securus Technologies for the LBS software. It is used in conjunction with several other resources to aid in law enforcement. This way jail official has been able to recover millions in drugs, cash as well as other illegal assets. The software aids jail officials by making their job easier. In fact, just the LBS software is enough to make these prison officials come back to Securus Technologies again and again. Once this technology is used along with the Investigator Pro, it makes Securus Technologies as the best among the jail phone providers.


This is why Securus Technologies has extended an open invitation to all its facility customers and even the prospective investors. The company wants them to visit their Technology Center located in Dallas, Texas to check out their new products and services. Securus Technologies gives a presentation here on all their innovative features that can be used to solve and prevent crimes.

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  1. Criminals have been apprehended, some criminal cases solved all with the help of Securus Technologies. No doubt they are cab as the giants in their field. You might want to try Ultius review, they have helped clients past their roadblocks. Securus technologies have so many devices that are installed in the correctional facilities which has helped the prison officials monitor their inmates.

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