Rocketship Education Schools Allows Parent to Contribute In Making Decisions

Being a parent, the only thing that makes them happy is finding a good school for their kids where they are assured that their children will get the right education for their benefit. This is the reason why Rocketship Education charter schools were developed with the aim of providing the best education that is appropriate for every kid who is enrolled here. These schools have adopted unique measures that allow the parents to choose the teachers who will be employed to teach their children.

The parents are allowed to participate in interviews when the new teachers are in the interview. The school has been doing this for quite some time in all 13 schools it runs. The co-founder of Rocketship School Mr. Preston Smith reminded the parents that it had been the routine of the school even though the practice has raised a lot of concern, he said it has always been for the best. The technique has helped the school produce the best results pressing that involving the parents is the core of better education.

The plan is laid out in a strategic plan where the parents to be involved give a specific training to understand the basics of hiring the right teachers. Usually, they train three to six families who undertake the task.

The system has run smoothly since they started as Smith revealed that there is no single day they have ever disagreed with the parents. In fact, some candidates quit even before the interview. One candidate walked out the interview and asked why she left and revealed that she has never witnessed such a high level of intensity that she felt she was not ready to work there.

Rocketship Education education system is a unique system that has not been experienced in many areas, but the stakeholders are always happy to make such a move, and it has contributed to their success. The parent who takes their children at the Rocketship Education charter schools are always happy due to their involvement in the decision making of their schools concerning such sensitive matters and would like the idea to continue and even be adopted in other schools.

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