Richard Mishaan Design Tackles Fall with These Special Techniques

If you’ve paid any modicum of attention to the world of high-end interior design, then you’ve likely come across Richard Mishaan Design. Richard Mishaan is, of course, the founder of the design company and his primary location is based out of New York. However, Richard Mishaan’s firm isn’t another trendy, upscale design company with no frame of reference outside of the Big Apple. Mishaan himself is a mish-mash of cultures having been born in Columbia but raised in Italy before making the move to the United States. Richard Mishaan offers some of the most innovative and unique design practices in the city and today we’re going to look a little closer at his career.

After being raised in Italy, Richard Mishaan decided that he wanted to see the United States and work there to get his feet into the industry. Richard moved to New York and immediately began working on his B.A. at the New York University. Having already scored his degree from the Columbia University School of Architecture, Richard Mishaan was ahead of the pack. It wouldn’t be long until he was working at the prestigious offices of Philip Johnson as a willing apprentice, fighting to work his way up in the industry.

It wouldn’t be long until Richard Mishaan’s firm was in full swing and now we can see the effects of his work all over the city. Richard Mishaan’s work has been a difference maker in New York since they first opened their doors and you can see all of his best work collected in his latest book releases: ‘Artfully Modern’ and ‘Modern Luxury’.

As a designer, Richard Mishaan has something to give to every season and Fall is no difference. Mishaan takes his love of Columbia, and the colors that are so routinely used within his culture, in order to bring about colorful and fun rooms for his clients.

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