Richard Liu is a Profitable Leader

Richard Liu is a successful businessman who has beaten all the odds that were stacked against him from an early age. He is the founder of He went to school to acquire a degree in Sociology; however, he was majorly focused on computer programming. Understanding this skill, helped him to create a thriving business.

One way Richard Liu started his business by opening a store named Jingdong. The growing store sold magneto optical products. He had instant success and was able to open multiple locations. Due to a Sars outbreak, his stores began declining. Therefore Liu decided to try taking everything online by starting This was one of the best things he could have done. Now, his company has gained over one billion users. One reason why customers keep coming back is that the website only displays authentic products. His customers understand every time they make a purchase on the website, they should be getting quality products. Liu Qiangdong has encountered so much success, the company is currently being traded on the NASDAQ. He has over one hundred thousand employees.

The company has become so technology driven that drones, robots and other technology has become a part of the operational aspect of the company. The drones help with the delivery of products, especially the difficult areas to get to.

Richard Liu continues pushing’s success by coming up with innovative ideas to support each customer who purchases from the website. The team acknowledges the importance of successful and profitable leadership.

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