Reliable Asset Management from Fortress Investment Group

Investment has always been a tricky venture full of mystic terms and esoteric strategies that make even the most experienced investor anxious about giving it a try. Looking to the business section in the news roundup or the daily newspapers doesn’t provide easy insight into how best to start the investor’s journey.

But in the City of New York, there is a company named Fortress Investment Group, which is considered the guru asset manager dealing with all types of investment strategies.

Fortress Investment Group was officially established by Wesley Edens and Randal Nardone in 1998; before co-founding the firm, Wesley was in charge of equity funds at Blackrock Financial Management, where he worked with Randal, who occupied a senior position in the company.

The performance of Fortress Investment Group in the past two decades of existence has been quite lucrative, especially since it is estimated to control billions of dollars in assets from customers all over the globe.
The number of assets under management by the New York-based company includes real estate, capital investments, and private equity, to name a few. The team that keeps operations running on behalf of Fortress Investment Group is made up of over 800 employees, with 170 investment experts working collaboratively to produce the highest returns for their customers.

The company leverages the career experience of its professionals to manage the variety of client portfolios across a broad collection of asset classes. Usually, before any final decision is made, the team at Fortress Investment Group will employ a refined analysis of the complex challenges inherent with particular assets.

This thorough approach allows the firm to formulate appropriate strategies for implementing complex investment strategies that address the common challenges without placing unnecessary risk on the client portfolio.

From New York, the company has managed to gain the trust of hundreds of clients made up of companies and individuals working with the international chain of affiliate offices. and more