The Exceptional Services Offered By Securus Technologies

In a few words, we can describe Securus technologies as the face behind the advancement of the public safety and deviation of the confinement experience in the US. But, the enigma about how it does that, perhaps how such a brand is compiling the trust and confidence of the many public safety and correctional facilities, is confounding. Nowadays, it is moderately hard to meet a product boasting numerous tributes in such a competitive position.

Who Is Securus Technologies?

Securus has regional offices located in Atlanta, Georgia, and Carrollton. The firm employs over 1,000 employees and has contracts with 2,600 correctional facilities in the US. Securus confirmed in July 2016 that it had invested more than $600 million in gross and procurement. Richard A (Rick) Smith was made the CEO on June 2008.

The company developed a system to control unauthorized cell phones. By 2016, it had received approvals in five departments of correction facilities. Securus technologies partnered with Harris Corporation in July 2016 to provide “Cell Defender Technology.” This year, the company confirmed the use of the wireless solution to prevent forbidden cell phones from connecting to mobile networks.

The Role of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies Inc. is one of the best providers of detainee communications and government information management solutions. The Company has recognition in the provision of innovative, comprehensive solutions and efficient customer care. It also focuses on the needs of law enforcement and correction communities.

Public Relation

Securus technologies have received numerous comments from their customers through emails and formal letters. A client positively comments on how the institution had managed to arrest those corrupt staff that aided inmates to smuggle phones into prison. With the help of technology, calls were monitored carrying information regarding inmate drug and alcohol use.

The company has a reputation for the provision of their LBS software. The proper utilization of this software with other law enforcement has enabled the recovery of millions of illegal assets, cash, and drugs. Without the use of such software, the process of retrieving these items could be laborious.

In a world controlled by sophisticated technology, staying safe is a priority, thanks to Securus Technologies. With such and other brilliant products that aid in maintaining the society’s safety, we all have a reason to clinch on them.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers: A Committment To Excellence

Depression is one of the worse feelings an individual can have. Depression is very detrimental to your health. It’s basically mental anguish to the highest degree, which can cause the person to physically hurt him/herself or others. There are many factors that can cause this debilitating state of sadness. Participating in the many activities that you once loved can be a thing of the past. It seems to zap away the person’s energy and interest levels. One of the most common ways of fighting depression is by anti-depressant medications. These medications can be of some benefit, but the medications can cause the individual to act out in certain cases. Mind-altering drugs isn’t the way to go, and they should be used as a last resort. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are changing the game thanks their revolutionary affects. This center has been around since its inception back in 2004. Thanks to its grand success, it now has numerous locations in Michigan and in Florida. Neurocore is basically a series of advanced brain tests that can be tailored to the actual individual. The first step of the program is to undergo a neuro assessment. With its innovative eEEG Technology, medical personnel will get a better understanding of how the brain is operating. Electrical activity is the key and this technology thoroughly measure and evaluates the brain’s activity. You won’t find another program that is this advanced and forward-thinking. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

For optimal benefit, the program recommends up to three sessions per week. This helps to get past the adaptive stage neuroplasticity. All of the brain’s data is gathered thanks to the cutting-edge technology that maps the brain. Clinical reports show that 84 percent of patients experience a decrease in depressive symptoms and up to 51 percent no longer meet the depression threshold. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are leading by example and are changing the status quo.


Talk Space Addresses The Abusive Spouse Issue

Millions are involved in abusive relationships. The abuse might take the form of mental abuse or physical abuse. The abusive spouse might have serious anger issues or an antisocial personality disorder. This type of abuser likes to tread on the feelings of others. Often, they lack empathy or any feelings of guilt for their abusive actions. Most might think that the husband is the abuser in the relationship. The fact is that quite a few women are the abuser in the relationship. The man in the relationship might feel a sense of shame and dare not seek traditional counseling with a therapist.

Talk Space

Talk Space is a text based therapy application that puts you in touch with a licensed therapist via a mobile device. Talk Space has a staff that includes licensed therapist that are experienced dealing with a wide range of mental health issues that include issues like dealing with an abusive spouse or an abusive relationship in general. First, it is important to recognize the antisocial personality disorder that is behind the abuse. Typical signs include mental manipulation, mental abuse, physical abuse, lack of regard for the feelings of others, criminal behavior, offensive acts, lack of remorse.

Talk Space Provides Guided Counseling

Often, people in an abusive relationship or those dealing with an emotional problem are hesitant to go to a traditional therapist. This might be due to the stigma that is placed on seeking therapy or counseling. Thousands have sought help through the Talk Space application and connected with a therapist that addressed the issues that they were concerned about. Talk Space is a very convenient way to talk in real time with a licensed therapist. Users of the application are asked a series of questions and matched with an experienced therapist to deal with their problems on a one to one basis.

Visions that Have Lead Boraie Development LLC to Success

It is rare to find a developer who targets not only property development but also the community at large. Omar Boraie is one of these few developers; he is a passionate philanthropist and entrepreneur among the most successful businessmen in real estate business. He runs Boraie Development LLC which does business in State Theatre New Jersey– as the Vice President.

With around four decades of experience, Omar has transformed business in New Brunswick. He now targets Aspire where he looks forward to investing. Omar has had the dream of launching classy residential buildings all over this region. For this reason, he has put all his energy in making this dream come true.

Omar didn’t wake up a successful entrepreneur. He started by building some offices which he called Tower One in 1980’s. After acquiring more capital, he made the second tower. After that, he improved the conditions of these towers which brought a lot of profit to his company. Later on, his firm constructed more residential buildings which made him even more successful.

You cannot speak of Omar’s visions and dreams and omit his aspirations to develop New Brunswick. It is normal to face hardships when reaching your goal in life; for instance, his idea was highly opposed by many other developers. Omar Boraie has however proven them wrong ever since he put in place the first step of investing in Aspire. You can visit NJBiz to know more.

According to NYTimes, it was wise for this visionary to purchase some buildings in this area that were in poor condition. Boraie had an aim of developing them in future which has now manifested itself outwardly. For instance, he has an office in a tower where these poorly built houses previously were. This has undoubtedly left those who thought that he was insane in disbelief.

Boraie Development LLC isn’t choosy when it comes to the selection of areas to invest. This was proven when they decided to target Atlantic City. Here, they saw the vast lands as a perfect place to build casinos and restaurants thus developing the area significantly. This area has enough space for expansion and further development which this company’s future dreams.

Boraie Development LLC is dedicated to construct beautiful properties and provision of credible services to all its clients. They major in Property Management, Marketing and Development of Real Estates. Working with strong financial institutions makes this company timely in the completion of their projects.

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Richard Mishaan Design Tackles Fall with These Special Techniques

If you’ve paid any modicum of attention to the world of high-end interior design, then you’ve likely come across Richard Mishaan Design. Richard Mishaan is, of course, the founder of the design company and his primary location is based out of New York. However, Richard Mishaan’s firm isn’t another trendy, upscale design company with no frame of reference outside of the Big Apple. Mishaan himself is a mish-mash of cultures having been born in Columbia but raised in Italy before making the move to the United States. Richard Mishaan offers some of the most innovative and unique design practices in the city and today we’re going to look a little closer at his career.

After being raised in Italy, Richard Mishaan decided that he wanted to see the United States and work there to get his feet into the industry. Richard moved to New York and immediately began working on his B.A. at the New York University. Having already scored his degree from the Columbia University School of Architecture, Richard Mishaan was ahead of the pack. It wouldn’t be long until he was working at the prestigious offices of Philip Johnson as a willing apprentice, fighting to work his way up in the industry.

It wouldn’t be long until Richard Mishaan’s firm was in full swing and now we can see the effects of his work all over the city. Richard Mishaan’s work has been a difference maker in New York since they first opened their doors and you can see all of his best work collected in his latest book releases: ‘Artfully Modern’ and ‘Modern Luxury’.

As a designer, Richard Mishaan has something to give to every season and Fall is no difference. Mishaan takes his love of Columbia, and the colors that are so routinely used within his culture, in order to bring about colorful and fun rooms for his clients.

A Look Into Local Services

Read Only If Your Property Has Value

Being a homeowner comes with challenges.

No step of the process is basic or easy.

You might now own or have only found the house and land of your dreams. You may also find that the numbers don’t add up. What we’ve shared shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing a house, but the “unexpected happening” is close to being a guarantee.

That’s what truly makes buying a home difficult. You have plentiful access to the worst happening or for everything to simply go wrong. Nextbank works to turn those odds around. We feel responsible to say it upfront. Owning a home is a big responsibility. It often comes with unexpected costs.

Property Management And Time

Stay safe as a homeowner by partnering with financial professionals instead.

What you need is an extra set of eyes that see the details you didn’t think mattered. Understanding is what you have when professionals are on your side. So here’s property management services for the safety of your money.

There are needs your home has right now that must first be assessed.

Every detail is taken into consideration during our appraisal. Until you have that information, you don’t have your details on property value. A lost of financial accuracy can only end off for the worst.

You can instead prepare and by partnering with NextBank’s property management team.

Taking Every Step To Uncover The Details

We have to warn you first.

NextBank goes far above and beyond to uncover details during property management. Everything is considered from the prior owner to the payment of taxes. This property of yours is an option to increase value and bring comfort to your life.

NextBank takes care to do the work right and at the very first time.

Karl Heideck Gains Litigation Promise With Solid Work History

Karl Heideck has earned quite the reputation in his native city of Philadelphia. Having one goal in mind, he earned his Bachelors of Arts Degree in Education from Swarthmore College claiming that education provides a better understanding of the litigation process and practice in courtroom proceedings. It was during his undergraduate years that he developed the skills necessary to communicate, negotiate, resolve disputes, find a settlement and most of all pass the state bar exam. From here he was determined to become a licensed litigator and Karl Heideck entered Templeton University Beasley School of Law, receiving a Juris Doctor by the year 2009.

During his professional practice, Karl Heideck has obtained valuable experience in the areas of filing and responding to complaints as well as the complete litigation process which includes obtaining personal jurisdiction, pretrial, and post trial. Karl Heideck specializes in general law, which covers a wide variety of cases, including family, business, criminal and litigation.

Recently, Heideck has had his hands full in the city of Philadelphia, being that they were the first city to pass a law which bans employers from inquiring the salary history of their potential employees before hiring them. Karl claims the law works to close the gender pay gap; considering women traditionally get paid less than men in similar fields, they do not have much opportunity to negotiate a higher percentage of pay when looking at their previous salaries. The Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce challenged this law in court, saying that it had the potential to hurt business in Philadelphia by making it look complicated and unattractive. Of course, they could not prove this claim so the law went forward. Heideck doubted the success of opponents from the beginning saying their efforts would be ineffective, especially since the law promotes transparency in the workplace. Heideck did warn businesses to be more careful because inquiry includes independent research and if a business was ever found to go against the law it would have negative effects on them in the future.

Heideck also covered the news of a safety law in Philadelphia regarding children in automated vehicles. He applauds the state for requiring children under the age of two to be in a car seat facing the rear of the vehicle and encourages parents to review and take safety measures to prevent tragedies when companies have products to help families keep children safe.

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Sentient AI – Multi-Variate Testing

Digital marketing has become increasingly competitive, but still, numerous opportunities abound. Sentient AI has been enabling e-commerce businesses to convert more traffic into loyal customers with its variety of AI technology tools. One of its latest tools is multi-variate testing, allegedly one of its best kept secrets. So, how does it work and how can it improve your e-commerce business?

What is Multi-Variate Testing?

In technical terms, multi-variate testing is a technique used to test hypothesis containing more than one variable. In digital marketing, multivariate testing is used to test multiple marketing ideas and come up with the best one. It is considered an improvement of the A/B testing AI tools.

Unlike A/B tools which test only one idea at a time, multivariate testing allows e-commerce businesses to test several marketing ideas simultaneously. What’s more, it has better analytic properties. Hence, it settles for only the best ideas. It works by using generic algorithms that are designed to ensure at least double-digit KPL growth. According to experts and users, multi-variate testing tools can improve testing speeds by 10-100 times depending on the complexity of the data being tested.

Benefits of Multi-Variate Testing for E-Commerce

The efficacy of multi-variate testing tools has made them popular with e-commerce sites seeking to improve their conversion rate optimization with amazing results. Some of the benefits of these tools are:

  • Increased conversion rates

A/B CRO tools are very slow as they test only one idea at a time. However, considering that multi-variate testing increases speed by up to 100 times, it reduces testing time considerably – it can compress years of testing using A/B tools to just one month.

Considering that speed is essential in the increasingly competitive digital marketing industry, improved CRO translates to a better competitive edge.

  • Improved customer experience

Considering that there are millions of sites that deal in the same products and services as you, customer experience is the determining factor for making sales. Since multi-variate testing allows you to identify the best marketing idea in the shortest time, you get to offer your customers the best experience before the competition.

  • Increased revenue collection

Increased conversion rates and better customer experience both combine to attract more paying customers. As such, you get to sell more and make more money. What’s more, if you keep at it, then you can retain your customers’ attention for long-term growth and expansion of your e-commerce business.


Considering the rising levels of competition in digital marketing, you will need to stay ahead of the competition in every aspect to thrive. When it comes to increasing conversion rates, then multi-variate testing from Sentient AI is your best bet.

Rocketship Education Schools Allows Parent to Contribute In Making Decisions

Being a parent, the only thing that makes them happy is finding a good school for their kids where they are assured that their children will get the right education for their benefit. This is the reason why Rocketship Education charter schools were developed with the aim of providing the best education that is appropriate for every kid who is enrolled here. These schools have adopted unique measures that allow the parents to choose the teachers who will be employed to teach their children.

The parents are allowed to participate in interviews when the new teachers are in the interview. The school has been doing this for quite some time in all 13 schools it runs. The co-founder of Rocketship School Mr. Preston Smith reminded the parents that it had been the routine of the school even though the practice has raised a lot of concern, he said it has always been for the best. The technique has helped the school produce the best results pressing that involving the parents is the core of better education.

The plan is laid out in a strategic plan where the parents to be involved give a specific training to understand the basics of hiring the right teachers. Usually, they train three to six families who undertake the task.

The system has run smoothly since they started as Smith revealed that there is no single day they have ever disagreed with the parents. In fact, some candidates quit even before the interview. One candidate walked out the interview and asked why she left and revealed that she has never witnessed such a high level of intensity that she felt she was not ready to work there.

Rocketship Education education system is a unique system that has not been experienced in many areas, but the stakeholders are always happy to make such a move, and it has contributed to their success. The parent who takes their children at the Rocketship Education charter schools are always happy due to their involvement in the decision making of their schools concerning such sensitive matters and would like the idea to continue and even be adopted in other schools.

In The Spirit Of Halloween, Lime Crime Goes Gothic

Just in time for the spookiest time of the year, Lime Crime is delivering the darkness with a new line of hair dyes. This Autumn, their Unicorn Hair Collection is getting four new shades that are as gothic and sexy as your favorite vampire flick. This is totally new ground that they are covering in regards to their other brighter dyes. As they stated in a recent Pinterest post, the new dyes are specially made for darker-haired girls and other brunettes.

Chestnut is a smooth auburn that highlights the warmer, autumnal colors. If you’re going for a look that says “forest witch”, get wicked with the solid red Matte Velvetines Wicked lipstick. For a similar but more shining look, try the Metallic Velvetines Eclipse. No forest witch is complete without a mastery of magic, the magic of Black Magic Pop On Nails!

Squid, like the ink of its namesake, is a dark smog of the deep watery void. Mysterious purple lips with Matte Velvetines Raven compliments the cool obscurity. However, if your aim is to brighten the night while retaining a powerful violet, Metallic Velvetines Posh is what you’re looking for. Highlight that with the neon Lizard Pop On Nails for some nocturnal vaporwave vibes.

Charcoal is both smoky and hot, yet softly grey. For a sinful aesthetic, mix all colors of the Slither Bundle to create a fierce serpent-grey accent for your lips. If the color of the abyss is more your forte, get gothy with the Matte Velvetines Black Velvet lipstick. Between monochrome and rainbow, Storm Pop On Nails compliments this look uniquely.

Sea Witch is a dangerously dark shade of aquamarine green. Accentuate the mermaid tail color scheme with Metallic Velvetines Serpentina. For those who are more daring, experiment with the blood-red Matte Velvetines Dream Girl. Like a devilish mermaid’s evil eye, the Lizard Pop On Nails are a shocker!

All Lime Crime products and blue hair dyes are 100% vegan, verified by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Unlock the wicked beauty when these shades are released on October 24, exclusively on the Lime Crime website.