Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is Getting Noticed and Read

Sean Penn is well-known as an actor, director, and political activist. He’s not as well-known as an author-until now. After completing his book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Penn has gotten plenty feedback-some good and some bad. But Penn is not letting the critics get to him. Instead, he has decided that writing the book has been surprisingly enjoyable and is thinking of doing it again.

The book is formed around a man who has many jobs and even kills form a living and is strange at times, but quite entertaining. It is a descriptive and colorful book and is sure to take the reader away from reality to a far-off land of fiction.

Penn’s less-demanding lifestyle has made it possible for him to get more creative. Penn has tried his hand at writing in the past but never got past the first few pages due to other obligations that tended to take up all his free time. Now, however, at the age of 57, he is able to devote much more time to his writing endeavors and is finding it to be a nice change of pace. His book has gotten a lot of attention, and it has become a topic of controversy due to the similarities that many people seem to think that there are between the book and reality even though it is a fictitious book. But publicity is publicity, and it has proven to be a book that has gotten plenty of attention.

Writing the novel has been very freeing for Penn which was a welcome escape from reality. Not all aspects of writing the novel were fun such a the gruesome patches of editing, but overall, it wasn’t so bad that he is not willing to try his hand at novel writing again. The novel can be said to mirror the way that the world is today, but it is all a matter of opinion, and the reader can perceive the book in many different ways. That is what makes Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff such a complex and at times, controversial, read.

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Staying Safe When Making Online Payments With PSI Pay

PSI pay is an innovative new company that is changing the game on how things are purchased. Both in stores and online, the typical payment structure is completely changed. In stores this means using a ring to scan and quickly pay for things, without cashiers or other customers being able to see your payment data, making the shopping process more secure. PSI pay is staffed with individuals with years and even decades of alternate banking experience. The things they are coming up with are truly astounding and leave the rest of us wondering: Why didn’t we come up with that first?

When it comes to buying things on the web, it can be a little scary imputing all that sensitive information into the submission form on the website. It can be anxiety causing, wondering if your information could be stolen, whether by members of the website, or off your very own computer via a virus.

Enter PSI Pay to quell the storm of worry.

Gone are the days when you had to enter every little bit of information about you into a form, each and every time you need to make a quick online purchase. Instead, store all your data with the PSI Pay company under top notch security. When you want to pay, use your account with them and it will act as a filter of sorts. You still pay the bill for your products or services. You still get total control. All without the extra hassle of wondering whether or not your identity is at risk. Peace of mind, without breaking the bank or doing anything crazy.

Being able to make safer, more secure purchases, both online and in store, will change the global marketplace for the better. With no security problems, people can relax as they buy their groceries, pay for their gym membership, or simply shop for a new pair of sneakers online. With companies like PSI paving the way for a safer shopping experience, going to an unfamiliar store or website doesn’t have to be a thing that makes your stomach clench in nervousness. With companies like these popping up, we are gradually realizing that anything is possible.

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International Law Blog, Kamil Idris

Idris is a Sudanese statesman who is working on international law to make World Intellectual Property Day something that many participate in. Intellectual property is worth the effort it is. Copyrights, patents, industrial designs or trademarks are about the big issues, such as how to prevent global warming. With the state of the intellectual property rules now, new technologies come out to take care of world problems. World Intellectual Property Day is celebrating the gigantic powers of human creativity, as well as intellectual property rights that help build technology designed to change the world. Humans have been driven to invent since the invention of the wheel.

Kamil Idris has a Bachelor’s of Law, or an LLB, from Khartoum University, Sudan. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Political Science and Economic Theories from Cairo University, Egypt. His master’s degree is in International Law and International Affairs from Ohio University, a school found in the United States. His doctorate is in International Law from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, the University of Geneva, Switzerland. The Franklin Pierce Law Center from the United States awarded Kamil Idris with an honorary doctorate of laws in 1999. His other honorary doctorate comes from Indira Gandhi National Open University, 2005, India.

Idris reminds us that the Internet and computers, in general, have had a huge impact on the creating, protecting, and use of intellectual properties. Intellectual property by any one person in any country can cause prosperity to flow, as a fast-growing law field worldwide. Along with the Internet, came unexpected advances in math and science during this century. Kamil Idris is the Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization. Intellectual property used to be a field to be legal and technical but evolves to the point of being a focus of attention of national policy agendas in different countries. Intellectual property can also encompass technology transfer and training methods. The WIPO knows that copying copyright works such as those in film, or television or music, leads to necessary enforcement mechanisms that will be called into use, intellectual property is that important.

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Matt Badiali’s checks for freedom

There is talk in the news about Matt Badiali freedom checks and what they mean. I am about to explain what they are and how they work.

Matt found these checks when he was working. These checks were being used by many companies. Matt considers these checks to be an investment not only in his own life but the peoples that are using the checks to have a life. When you have these checks Matt helps the people pick the type of check that they are going to use with some guidance. There are many ways these checks help these people when they need to have financial stability. Visit freedom checks to learn more.

Matt Badiali says that when you put money into the checks when they are cashed you actually get more money back than what was intended. This then brings people into the bigger picture and makes them really start to think about the things that they could have when they use these checks. MLP’s that he has decided to use are the ones that work with the oil and gas pipe lines that are making money. They work so that they don’t have to have taxes as long as there is a payout to their shareholders. Matt looks to have companies that have a bigger demand it’s either is sliver, oil, or earth minerals. This makes the items that Matt works for just that much higher in profit.

Matt is always looking for the companies that are growing in terms of money and business because that way there is more money and less worry. This then makes the checks have more of a profit. Matt then looks into the way their finical work which makes the companies work harder to make things easier. They work hard to make more money and have the money that needs to go into these checks when these checks are being put out.

If there is anything you need in terms of these checks if there are questions or anything like that then you should really look into the way they work and call to ask about them. Check:


Trabuco Takes On New Position Within Bradesco

Bradesco is one of the most well-known banks in Brazil, which is why any changes in the way that they work and their management is going to become big news. Over the past few months, Bradesco has witnessed a lot of significant changes, particularly in terms of who is leading the company and who is taking on the notable positions within Bradesco. Last year, the chairman of Bradesco came forward to make an announcement stating that he would be retiring. The board of directors knew that it would be hard to replace someone like him owing to the fact that he was considered to be one of the most important people at Bradesco.

The person who was to take over Bradesco would have to be able to perform the role of chairman just as well as he did and would have to implement some developments in the company if they wanted to stand out. The decision was tough, and the board of directors ultimately reached a common decision when they decided to instate Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as the new chairman at Bradesco.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco is no new addition to the company. His journey with Bradesco started when he was still a teenager looking out for a job to support himself as a clerk. Now, he stands as one of the most important people in the banking industry and serves as an important member of the company as a whole. Before being offered the position of chairman of Bradesco, Trabuco stood as the President of the company and had been serving in that position since 2009. It was a position through which Trabuco had a great impact on the workings of the company and the endeavors that they took on. When Trabuco was first offered the position of President, Bradesco stood as the second largest private bank in Brazil. The bank had been working towards that coveted number one spot, and under the guidance of Trabuco was finally able to do so. Through his understanding of the field and the banking industry as a whole, he was able to implement a number of things that improved the workings of the company and improved the services that they provide their customers with.

Because Trabuco worked with all facets of the industry and had worked through the ranks, he knows how every small part of Bradesco functions – right from the bank tellers and others working to offer the people their services, to the board of directors who function behind the scenes to ensure that the company is performing at its most optimal.

As the new chairman of Bradesco, Trabuco has a lot riding on his shoulders. He is taking up a position that was previously held by someone for twenty-five years, which is a hard task in itself. Even in the face of this enormous pressure, the board of directors is convinced that Trabuco would be able to perform well and at his most efficient as the new chairman of Bradesco according to Bradesco.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

All about Richard Dwayne Blair and the Investment Advisory Firm

Richard Dwayne Blair provides wealth management and retirement planning tips to his clients in Texas, and the greater Austin. His believe is that for each and every person to achieve a financial target, planning is mandatory. Richard deals with his community members and helps them by arming them with a monetary roadmap that they should follow for a better tomorrow.

So as to come up with this kind of comprehensive financial plan, Richard Dwayne uses three basic pillars. These pillars enable him to comprehend the client’s current financial status and the needs that come hand in hand with retirement, so as to come up with a convenient and holistic plan. The first pillar lays out the financial roadmap for a particular client.

Richard Dwayne Blair comes up with the route that the client should follow through identifying his risk tolerance, strengths, goals and the client’s opportunities of growth. At this first pillar, this is where Blair takes that opportunity to create a good, strong and a long lasting relationship with his clients. At pillar 2, development of effective and durable investment strategies that are totally in line with the client’s goals and needs takes place. Also at this pillar, general performance is monitored and compared to both the company’s and the client’s expectations.

When it comes to the third pillar, Richard together with the client reviews the final pillar-insurance needs. No one can predict the future but one can prepare for it through adequate coverage. The clients are covered by long-term care insurance, life insurance, and annuities.

Richard Dwayne Blair founded the Wealth Solutions his main agenda being to help small business owners, families and even individuals live a better life. Richard’s grandmother, mother and even wife were teachers. As a result, Richard received firsthand teaching and can attest to the impact of education on one’s knowledge and confidence.


Dwayne entered the financial service industry in 1993 immediately after graduating from college. He decided to come up with the Wealth Solution so as to provide professional and personalized advice to his clients. Over the years he has been in this industry, Richard has gained a wide experience in retirement planning.


Sahm Adrangi Of Kerrisdale Capital Issues Concerning Report On Kodak

In recent news, Kerrisdale Capital released a report on Kadak, a photography company that specialized in various equipment and accessories sold all over the world. This isn’t a good thing either since the report goes over the current problems with Kodak and the business practices they are using. According to Sahm Adrangi, Kerrisdale’s CEO and director, Kodak’s latest efforts are merely a sham and are aimed at taking advantage of people to recoup their own losses. Sahm has a good reason for his statements, citing the fact that Kodak recently took up a partnership with a crypto group, with quite a shady background of all things. Not only is the cryptocurrency world highly volatile still in its early stages, but the companies collaborating have had many issues in the past or have specifically hidden facts from the public.

Kodak filed for a chapter 11 some time ago, due to their ever-falling standards in business and lack of updating their products on the market. Sahm Adrangi has noted that despite the company’s recent jump in share value thanks to cryptocurrency, they have yet to change what led to their downfall in the first place. WIth no updates to their regime, Sahm questions whether or not the management is up to something that is not so good.

The majority of investors out there are ready to take the advice of Sahm Adrangi because of his valuable reputation in the industry these days, which he has earned through near a decade of hard work and incredible success at Kerrisdale Capital. Sahm hardly fails to spot good company’s for investing, which is why his company continues to do well and investors seek out his advice. As of now, Sahm’s company is betting on the downfall of Kodak and stands to gain if they do. This is only a matter of time says Sahm Adrangi, since their latest plunge into the crypto markets has barely gained them any attention from the public. This means it is only a matter of time before they land right back where they were 6 years ago when they were on the verge of bankruptcy.

Dr. David Samadi Revolutionizes Prostate Surgery The “SMART” Way

The story has been told thousands of times, poor immigrant arrives in USA, works hard, studies hard and finds success and as cliche as it may sound in the beginning, these stories never get old. This similar story is no exception and certainly not if you are one of the thousands of lives that have been saved because of this successful individuals accomplishments.

Dr. David Samadi is a now famous urologist who’s practice specializes in diagnosing and treating urological disease, prostate, kidney and bladder cancer with pioneering and unique least invasive techniques that have been revolutionary against the battle of these terrible diseases. Revolution is nothing new to Dr. David Samadi as he was born in Iran and raised in a Persian Jewish community that he was forced to flee with his brother at the age of 15 following the Iranian Revolution.

The two young teenagers fled to Belgium and were separated from their family leaving them on their own. Eventually they found their way to America where David began his educational pursuit to become a doctor. His journey through medical education saw him through successful completion at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook School of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College.

During his tenure of medical practice in the fields of Urology and Proctology, Dr. David Samadi has many major accomplishments, awards and recognitions but one that stands out in particular is his work and development of what is known as “SMART” surgery for urinary continence and sex after prostate cancer.

The SMART technique for prostate cancer has become very popular around the world. The technique reverses the way a normal prostate operation is performed. Instead of removing the nerves and mobilizing them away from the prostate he removes the prostate away from the nerves so that they nerves are not touched in the procedure, so the continence and sexual function are not effected.

Dr. David Samadi explains that it is not just what you remove when performing prostate surgery, the cancer, but also just as important is what you leave behind, in this case the nerves that control continence and sexual functions. This work has brought awareness to the fact that not just men are affected by prostate cancer but wives and girlfriends are as well because of the sexual dysfunction that was a result of old prostate removal techniques prior to his revolutionary SMART techniques that are changing the way surgeons approach prostate cancer.

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Dr. Saad Saad’s 2 Incredible Patents Have Helped So Many Patients So Far

Retired doctor and philanthropist Dr. Saad Saad has had a long and storied career in the medical field. His story of reaching his goals in very inspiring and will make you believe that nothing is impossible. He came from humble beginnings, but with so much potential and hard work Saad Saad made it to where he is today.

The pediatric surgeon has not only experienced a lot of success in his career, he also has a big heart. Dr. Saad Saad has gone on eight medical missions to the West Bank and Jerusalem. He also has done four in the United States. On these trips Saad Saad performs free often complex surgeries for children who cannot afford them and are very poor. With a desire to change the face of the healthcare industry by putting his patients first the pediatrician has performed thousands of surgeries all over the world. To boot the doctor has invented and patented two inventions that are making certain procedures less painful and a lot easier. They both have caught the eyes of many doctors all over the country and are growing in popularity. One has to do with endoscopes and the other medical catheters.

Endoscopes help find possible problems without taking more serious measures like surgery or a body scan. Both can be very costly and may not be necessary. Endoscopes give doctors the access to look inside a patient’s colon, bladder, and stomach. They can see inside the throat and even windpipe. This can save a lot of time and money, but has a unfortunate downside. Because the endoscope has to enter the body it can get the screen can get fogged up and covered with the liquids that naturally habitat the body. Doctors then have to remove the endoscope to then insert a suction device to remove the liquids, then start the process all over again. Dr. Saad Saad patented a device that suctions out the fluids without removing the device so the doctor does not lose eye contact where they left off. They other device helps locate medical catheters without an MRI or X-ray. It is an electromagnetic device to help locate the catheter. It is a safer and easier option than the other two.

Dr. Saad Saad is the former Co-Medical Director at Hovnanian Children Hospital. He is associated with Jersey Shore University Medical Center and also Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus. He specializes in pediatric and thoracic surgery. Learn more:

The successful doctor lives in Eatontown, New Jersey with his wife. Dr. Saad Saad has been practicing medicine for over 40 years and has helped so many children get the treatment and surgeries they need. He originally attended Cairo University School of Medicine where he received his medical degree.

Inspirational Thoughts on Cybersecurity from Jeff Yastine, Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing

Jeff Yastine is the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill publishing. He lives in Delray, Florida in the United States. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. He was the editor of the Total Wealth Insider. Jeff is an experienced financial journalist and a stock market investor for over two decades. He has also participated in financial world events. Along with this, Jeff contributes greatly to Banyan Hill Sovereignty Investor Daily. During this time, Jeff Yastine spent time trying to analyze the stock market and compiling insights around the same matter. He specialized in the business, economics, and finance areas in his career. This allowed him to focus on the trends in those subjects without losing focus. Jeff has taken his experience and knowledge to another level by helping several investors in making sober decisions and effective steps in their financial lifestyles. He can give predictions on matters before they are released, and this keeps his readers to yearn for more from him. Read more articles by Jeff Yastine at Banyan Hill.

It has become a major concern that Jeff Yastine addresses the cybersecurity situation. In his thoughts, Jeff predicts that more money will flow through cybersecurity sector in few years to come. He says that various capitalists have invested around $6.7 billion in the last few years as a startup. In the recent times, a doubling of the investment has been made in the past six months. Jeff Yastine points out in his article that there are trends that come up every time in the cybersecurity. He continues to say that more companies will realize the benefit because the investment keeps rising with the number of companies that upgrade to better security terms. He points out that it is both the government and the private agencies that are to benefit from this engagement.


Jeff Yastine expressed his faith in the cybersecurity stocks in the few years to come if people consider them seriously. He is not afraid of any rising tide in the sector because for him this is an opportunity to grow beyond the tides. Jeff advises people to consider investing in this sector for great returns. He has brought his knowledge in Banyan Hill Publishing and influenced the readers and members to have a strong basis for their growth. This is something that Jeff Yastine is committed to and believes it is possible. He has also used the Facebook profile to influence some followers into hat he believes in. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Crunchbase.