Online Reputation Management Experts Can Help You

Do you know what your online image looks like? Want to present your company in a positive light and attract customers and clients to your company? A good online reputation management system is what you need in order to keep track of discussions, postings and other issues affecting your reputation.

Your reputation is very important in today’s society. You need to protect your online reputation with a reliable online reputation management system.

You need to know where you stand. Look for a company that has already helped many entrepreneurs, corporations, brands and professionals. Reputation experts can help you identify the major issues regarding your online reputation. Whether it is in searches engine searches, negative business listings, bad reviews or social mentions, they can determine what needs to be fixed and take care of the task for you.

Nowadays, internet has made it very easy for people to share information and opinions about any topic imaginable. And anyone can simply go online and post any content for the world to see. You need to take control of your reputation and ensure that only positive content about you is being presented to Internet users.

According to, what people read about you can have a tremendous effect on your online activities, including your business or other projects. Because of this, you will want to make sure your products and services are top notch, otherwise someone is going to tell others about it. Just a few negative remarks are enough to damage your credibility.

Make a first impression about your brand or organization. First impressions are crucial and determine whether you will be trusted or not.

At a reliable online reputation management firm, their professionals have a good understanding of the sensitivity of the Internet environment and render reputation solutions that are designed to give you control of how you are perceived by others.

Experts can handle your company’s reputation needs, including monitoring and managing your brand’s image and provide valuable advice and tips. They help you control what shows up online when searches are done regarding your company.

Doctor grows successful practice after returning to the heart of texas

Austin native Dr. Jennifer Walden, salutatorian of her medical school class, earned her MD in 1998 from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Walden also completed a year-long General Surgery Internship and her residency in Integrated Plastic Surgery at the university.


After her residency Dr. Jennifer Walden earned a coveted place in the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital’s Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship. Supervised by Dr. Sherrell J. Aston, the fellowship offered opportunities to work with some of the brightest doctors in her field, and she is one of a very few Texas Plastic Surgeons who are female and have completed fellowship training. Walden in New York for about eight years, serving as an attending physician in plastic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat and holding clinical instructor positions and working as an attending in other Manhattan locations.


In Austin Dr. Walden has built a successful practice that offers an extensive list of procedures, including non-invasive techniques for skin tightening, labial rejuvenation, moderate fat reduction, various injection procedures, treatments for thinning hair, and more. Walden also performs the more familiar invasive procedures such as facelifts, liposuction, body sculpting, breast implants, buttock enhancement, and rhinoplasty.


A surgery suite at Hill Country Memorial Hospital and an office location inside of the the Bella Medical Spa enable Dr. Walden’s to accept more patients. Both are located in Marble Falls.

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An In-Depth Review Into The Services Offered By White Shark Media


White Shark Media is one of the few marketing agencies in the North American region that have impacted the way businesses manage their marketing campaigns. Since the company was founded in 2011, it has been providing unique services that have helped small businesses in the region to build strong structures of marketing. Stirring growth and impacting the way businesses overcome challenges is one of the ways White Shark Media has been useful to promoting the growth of entrepreneurship. The company offers a number of marketing services including SEO, SEM, PPC and AdWords, which have been useful to businesses that are looking to move from start-up to real success.


Conversion tracking services

Tracking the rate of conversions is vital as it allows one to understand which campaigns have been most reliable in driving customers to the business. White Shark Media offers a conversion tracking service that allows clients to understand the types of campaigns they should concentrate on to keep the business moving. Google AdWords are a vital resource in the marketing process but lack of a way to track them could lead to investing in the wrong type of keywords. With this feature, clients can track calls and forms and get a report that offers insight into the kind of decisions they should make to boost the performance of their businesses.


Get recurring content to drive organic traffic

Apart from offering great marketing tools, White Shark Media also appreciates the need for high quality content that is fully optimized to rank the website well on search engines. Clients can choose to get high quality and keyword optimized content regularly that should boost the ranking of their website on search engines. Content is key when one wants to rank a website and since it is the foundation of the business, White Shark Media comes up with a modern marketing approach that is linked with the development of unique content.


Solutions for eCommerce stores

Businesses in various platforms rely on proper marketing to find clients and this is clearly defined when it comes to eCommerce sites. Ecommerce systems are competitive and have to embrace a strong strategy to succeed in the market and one of the ways these businesses have been earning good results is through such marketing services as provided by White Shark Media. To support eCommerce stores, White Shark Media offers custom plans that allow the businesses to manage their marketing needs more efficiently and with assurance of good results.

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Is Yanni The Top Recruiting Assistant In The Nation?

Yanni Hufnagel has a reputable name in college basketball. It wasn’t always that way. The Scarsdale, New York native worked hard over the past decade to showcase his skills as an assistant basketball coach with several different division one programs.

He’s now a top level recruiter with a knack for landing big talent on the D1 level. His resume sports some big time work for college basketball programs. Oklahoma, Harvard, Nevada, Vanderbilt and Cal are all programs Yanni has helped.


His hard work with Harvard helped the Crimson to a first Ivy League title in school history. He has spent time under the tutelage of several big name coaches. Tommy Amaker, Kevin Stallings and Eric Musselman have all utilized his various skills as an assistant coach. Cuonzo Martin also needed the services of Yanni for two seasons at California.


His alma mater is Cornell. Hufnagel interned with the New Jersey Nets and learned about the pro game. That only adds to his rich experience surrounding hoops.


Yanni also attended Oklahoma where he worked as a graduate assistant coach. It was there he had an immediate impact. Working with players like future NBA star Blake Griffin, Yanni helped the Sooners develop back into a national contender.


He helped Harvard really blossom as an assistant coach. He worked with future NBA player Jeremy Lin. The Crimson were in the national spotlight thanks in part to Yanni.


Hufnagel helped recruit Vanderbilt star and current NBA player Wade Baldwin IV.

His vast experience with different programs really sets Yanni apart from other coaching prospects. Hufnagel has gathered different approaches from some talented coaches. He relates to players very well as seen on the recruiting path. He might be the top recruiting mind in the nation.


Jean-Marie Guenot Introduces New Breakthrough

The Battle Against Blood Cancer
Blood cancer is one of the least talked about but most devastating forms of cancer. It affects millions a year and contributes to the tragic loss of life we see every year. However, there is someone trying to do something about it. JeanMarie Guenot is doing everything she can to change the way we treat blood cancer with her work at Amphivena Therapeutics. So far, she is leading the way with new therapies.

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Amphivena Therapeutics Changes Everything
This company is changing everything we know about how the world of cancer therapy will work. So far, what we’ve seen in this area suggest that the use of antibodies can greatly improve the distribution of drugs. It makes the process so much easier without sacrificing any quality either. There is a need to improve upon the design of these treatments, but the future looks bright for this stage of medicine. In the near future we may even see a completely new way of approaching medicine.

What She Sees For The Future
The future of medicine is certainly a bright one in the eyes of JeanMarie Guenot. She wants to find a way to give every patient a chance to try this new medicine. The results of the recent work of Amphivena suggests there is a bright future ahead. We will have to see where all of this goes, but current results suggests we will have a much greater things revealed to us. Blood cancer used to be one of the most devastating diseases around, and now we have ways to completely eradicate it. There is a future ahead of us that we can look forward to thanks to the work of JeanMarie Guenot. She has changed medicine essentially forever with Amphivena.


A Well Established Bank

Nexbank is a renowned and reliable financial institution that offers a full range of essential services to customers.

Nowadays, there are many different banks, and each one offers many different features and services to clients and customers. It is crucial to research and find a bank that has the features or qualities you are looking for in a financial institution.

Nexbank has catered to individuals, corporations and entrepreneurs for decades and comes highly recommended. If you are searching for a reputable financial institution, you’ll be pleased to know that Nexbank offers a wide variety of financial products and services.

Once you become a customer you will have access to their professionals. You will be able to get advice or guidance on any banking or financial issue you may be dealing with. These professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in money management, investment options and other financial matters.

Nexbank offers comprehensive financial solutions and top notch services for individuals and entrepreneurs with assets in investments. Their core services extend to commercial, mortgage and investment banking. They also offer institutional services that cater to the diverse personal and business interests of their customers and clients.

Reputation matters greatly when it comes to deciding where to do your banking. Not all banks or financial institutions are created equal. You’ll want to consider the reputation of the bank you are considering.

Nexbank has been recognized as one of the most reputable and reliable banks in the country, and has numerous positive reviews and feedback.

They have a large number of features and services to choose from, it is important to get in touch with a representative who can help you understand their benefits. Their fees and rates are reasonable and you’ll certainly be pleased with the quality of their service.

Can’t Envy The Wengie

Youtube star Wengie is someone every youtuber should look up to. Her videos are entertaining and garner millions of views. Her hard work paid off and she is an esteemed personality. However, her success story did not occur overnight. Like many of us, Wengie came from humble beginnings.


She was born in China to working class parents, who did everything to support her. Her grandparents also played a significant role in her life. They looked after her when her parents moved to Australia. At the age of four, she moved Australia as well. Her parents requested for her to come and stay with them. From a young age, Wengie knew she was creative thinker and oftentimes had vivid dreams. In addition, she would create toys out of some of the most unconventional things.


An example would be a princess made out of a tennis ball. Growing up, Wengie was heavily into anime. After her parents got new jobs, they packed their bags and moved the family to Sydney, Australia. As an introvert, Wengie faced several struggles she would eventually overcome. This included building up social skills and networking with the right people. As she grew older, Wengie’s brilliance began to show even more.


She began developing websites showcasing her love for anime. She also began refining her notorious work ethic. After graduating high school, Wengie attended college and studied in Accounting. However, being an accountant was something not for her. In fact, Accounting was something she dreaded to the extreme. Therefore, she left her accounting in favor of becoming a social media consultant.


Even with relatively no experience, Wengie found her niche. Wengie was naturally gifted in acquiring clients. They flocked to her. Shortly after, Wengie started up a blog and became the success story she is today. Her success has privileged her the opportunity of traveling the world while promoting her makeup line in several countries. Today, Wengie and all of her greatness can be found Youtube with hundreds of videos to show for it. These videos have millions of views and Wengie also has millions of subscribers.


Chris Burch’s Advice on the Fashion and Technology Industry

Fashion and technology over the years have been proven to have so much in common and as well growing together each day determining what their future will entail. Their past and present is a clear way of showing what the future of the work will be about. These industries help each other to become better.


Some of the good examples of the past and present are the following; the boom box was popular during the 70s since people would have their best songs in it then came the two cassette decks which had both the music playing and a place for recording. Later on in the 1990s the Walkman was invented which was more advanced. Right now there is the iPod which has more space and is small in size.


Technology and fashion also link together to take care of people. For instance the airbag for cyclists was created by Teresa Alstin and Anna Haupt, the airbag is able to snap from the neckwear to protect cyclists from any danger. On the other hand there are the frontline gloves for firefighters invented by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan, the firefighters pass information through hand gestures when they want to communicate.Technology and fashion also fall in the recycling of supplies in order of making fashion, SegraSegra is a designer who made t-shirts and jackets out of inner tubes of bicycles.


Technology needs fashion to continue as fashion needs technology to also move on. Google Glass is a very famous technology that is well understood by the computer professionals, but where else could these gorgeous glasses apply. The models of Diane Vo Furstenberg a well-known fashion designer were able to wear them during a catwalk. Therefore fashion and technology work together in becoming the best industries.


Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is a successful entrepreneur and investor and has helped develop over 50 organizations. The organization has excelled due to the entrepreneurship skills of Burch. Some of the working values of the company are applying imagination, support and scale the good eye of market opportunities


A Review Of Eric Pulier’s Illustrative Career

Eric Pulier is a renowned public speaker, author, technologist, philanthropist, entrepreneur and published author. He is credited for founding more than 15 companies. Over the years, he has been raising capital for the companies that he has founded or helped in co-founding. The father of four children lives in Los Angeles.

As a venture capitalist, he has invested in various firms, including eCompanies, Trident Capital and Monitor Ventures. In addition, he has injected capital to some seed level startups in both the technology and media industries. Eric Pulier is an alumnus of the Harvard University where he pursued Computer Science, English & American Literature and Visual & Environmental Studies. In 1988, he graduated Magna Cum Laude. While at the university, he authored the PulierLeg. He made weekly contribution to the Harvard Crimson Weekly where he was also an editor.

Eric Pulier has vast experience on government projects. He played an instrumental role in building and running the “Bridge to the 21st Century.” This multi-day event sought to commemorate Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s 2nd inauguration. Members of the US Supreme Court, Senate and Congress attended the ceremony, which was held at the Mall in Washington DC. Eric featured in almost all the news stations in the USA talking about the event and showing the public the various exhibit tents. After the success of the project, Pulier worked with Al Gore and his team on technology and healthcare. For four years, Eric served on the board of the Center for Telecommunications Management (CTM) at the prestigious USC Marshall School.

In addition, during a live-feed from the renowned Space Shuttle, Eric Pulier was heavily involved in enabling the real-time interactions with the astronauts. Over the years, he has engaged in different charitable activities. Most of the initiatives have involved the use of technology to help underprivileged communities or physically challenged children in the United States and around the globe (More Info). Notably, Eric is affiliated with the ACE Foundation. This 501C3 entity has dedicated its time and resources towards reshaping the development of software and its application to various challenges faced by humans. Eric donated capital to the Starlight Foundation with the objective of enhancing interactions between children having chronic illness. He is also a financial donor to a 501C3 charitable entity, XPRIZE Foundation.

UKV PLC, The Best Vintage Wine Provider

UKV PLC is a well-known wine company that focuses on purchasing and selling the best international champagnes and wines from Spain, France, and Italy. UKV PLC works in close collaboration with numerous traders and vendors. This wine company offers private consultation to clients either personally or over the telephone. UKV PLC stores their fine wine in warehouses under temperature control.

The majority of UKV PLC’s clientele prefer to have private cellars of the fine wine for personal use or financial gain in the future. The personnel at UKV PLC are ready and willing to assist the clients in determining the expensive wines. Customers can give UKV PLC a selection of wine for them to establish the wines that are valuable across the global market.

UKV carries vintage wines and champagnes like Chateau Lafite, Latour and Lafite Rothschild. UKV also prides itself with Burgundy, Spanish, Italian and Bordeaux Champagne. The wine company also sells glasses for champagne and wine as well as decanters. Clients enjoy shopping from UKV because they can get wine in larger quantities. One of the main benefits of buying from UKV PLC is that it has wine consultants who advise the clients on the best wines that are available. These wine experts can meet with clients at a location of their choice be it at home or the local stores.

The company’s Facebook page is active and has a hundred percent response rate. This means that apart from just getting a glimpse of the latest news from UKV PLC, you can interact with similar minded people and share as much as you can with regard to great wine and how to drink it best. Clients can get the consultation by visiting the London or Surrey Office, call or the UKV PLC website.

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