OSI Group: A Leading Meat Supplier in the U.S

OSI Group is a renowned company that deals with the supply of meat products to U.S food industries. The company has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It deals with supplying of food products that are protein additive in nature such as beef patties and sausage links. The products are supplied to food services and retail brands. Additionally, OSI offers other food processor services that include contract manufacturing, supply chain management, and packaging.

OSI Group has more than 50 branches in 17 nations. Additionally, it is working to expand its services in China where it has operated for the last 20 years. During this period, the economy of the country has significantly grown. Currently, the group has 8 factories that are in operation while 2 are underway. The completion of the two will make the OSI Group the largest poultry supply in China.According to McDonald, they consider expanding their services in China due to increasing number of the consumer of the meat products in the country.

In line with its expansion of services, OSI Group has acquired a food processing facility in Chicago. Kevin Scott, the senior executive of the Group, says that the facility will help them to meet the fast-growing demand of customers in the region. The company is yet to disclose the kind of the food products that will be offered in the facility.

OSI Group does not operate in isolation, it appreciates the importance of partnership. Therefore, it partners with both its clients and suppliers to achieve the different mutual needs. Concerning the clients, they are willing to offer more products for them to expand their business while with suppliers to achieve the same result. McDonald has stressed that partnering to deliver to the consumers what they exactly need has become of essential need.

In the process of product production, OSI Group collaborates with the equipment manufactures to ensure the safety and quality of their products. It extends the quality monitoring process by having a concern of how the agricultural products that are supplied to them, are grown.

Due to the exemplary service of the Group, the UK Food Solutions was honored in November 2016 at Drapers Hall in London with a prestigious Globe of Honour Award. It was presented by British Safety Council due to the high management of the environmental risks. The Award is given to organizations that have shown great efforts in environmental management.

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