OSI Food Solutions Revolutionizing the Food Industry

OSI food solutions is a world leader in providing quality products and custom solution for food energy. They are under the umbrella of OSI group that was started in 1909. This company is owned privately and is based in Illinois, United States with more than 65 branches around the country. They are found in other 17 states and have over 20,000 employees. They have offices in Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Austria, China, Philippines, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, and Taiwan. This global food provider has collaborated with several world’s leading food service providers and retail food sellers to provide a satisfactory customer result. They deal with food production, global food supply, food processing, food process engineering, food safety, and quality assurance.

OSI food solutions have been in business for over hundred years, and it pins its success to its employees. They employ people who are passionate in the work they do and have innovative minds. The company provides an environment that is conducive to promote growth, healthy competition, and motivation to work harder and smarter. They employ and promote equality by not discriminating people based on their age, color, race, religion, or gender. All applicants receive qualification by merit. All the employers work as a team and enjoy delivering services to customers. Due to their impeccable service, they won the 2016 Globe of Honor by The British Safety Council.

OSI food solutions Spain in August 2017 acquired a new production line in Toledo and in the process doubled the number of chicken products available.This move added 20 new job spaces reducing unemployment in the area. The demand for chicken and its products in Spain and Portugal is what led to this response. In August 2016, OSI Food Solutions had announced the acquisition of Baho Food a Dutch company that manufactures meat products and other items. It helped them gain a considerable presence in Europe. They purchased the Tyson Food Plant processing facility and storage warehouse in Chicago in 2016. It was to help improve the much workload increasing with the needs of the customers. In mid-December that same year, they gained ownership of Flagship Europe from Flagship Food Group. It seems that their primary goal in 2016 was to improve their presence in Europe. The company is one of America’s top 100 food companies because of its services and treatment of its employees like family. OSI Food Solutions is the best.

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