NuoDB Cloud Services

NuoDB was founded in 2008, and originally called NimbusDB, and changed to NuoDB in 2011. NuoDB is a database for cloud database applications. More specifically, it is an elastic SQL database. It has an architecture system that has a distributed object in the cloud, which means when new servers are added to it, it performs faster. This object allows the database to distribute the different tasks amongst several processors. By distributing the tasks the way it does, it allows the database to stay fluid by not having everything be pushed through the same processor, which would normally cause a blockage effecting the speeds.

The company is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s technology is recognized as being innovative, and is compliant with SQL. It is used with companies such as UAE Exchange, Kodiak, Dassault Systemes, and Alfa Systems. The firm patented it’s elastically scalable database. The patent was filed in early 2011, and accepted in mid 2012. The patent lists the inventor of this technology as Jim Starkey. In the year 2012, the same year the patent was accepted, the firm was documented receiving $12 million in venture capital revenue. The firm continues to update it’s technology, and is coming up on it’s 10 year anniversary.

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