Not Thriving In The Work Place? Maybe Consider A Coworking Space

Most people who think about a coworking or share working space , they envision the cubicles that most people refer to as their offices. However, it actually they are not coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are places that you go to work that are shared by other people that are going to work. The catch is that most of the time, these people do not do what you do for a living. In a coworking environment, you can have writers, tradesmen of all sorts, professional people, and the list goes on. There are several theories on why most people thrive in this type of environment.

The first one being that there is no competition. You are not competing with people from your own office for the highest sales of the month. This helps to reduce your overall stress level. There are no interoffice politics to be concerned about. It also gives you the freedom to be yourself and to work on something that truly matters to you.

It is also second nature to give or receive help in this type of environment and most people willing do so. The work space is made up with talented people with a larger variety of knowledge and skills. There are plenty of opportunities to seek out someone for help and advice. The workplace is a community and functions as one. However, that does not mean you need to spend your day chatting away at the water cooler. Getting alone time to concentrate or to make an important deadline is well respected in this type of environment.

In New York City, it is not surprising, people can find a variety of these shared working spaces. One such place in Workville. Workville’s NYC coworking space provides a large, clean space for people to come to work. There are areas for people to get out and get fresh air while working. Spaces for collaboration are available as well as private spaces for the times when you need to work alone Workville provides coffee around the clock. There are printers to use as well as phones and other things that are needed to get the job done. If your current working environment is not working for you, try something new.


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