NewsWatch TV Group Snapchat Update Review

I have only recently begun using Snapchat during the last year because a few of my friends don’t have Instagram or many of the other social media apps. I think this is perfect for friends who want to just talk to each other during the day or send funny memes or snaps because that is what I love about Snapchat. As I’ve been using Snapchat for the last couple of months and exploring different aspects, the group chats have been perfect for contacting my friends who are long distance and they can update me in their daily lives.

With this new update, Snapchat has rolled out group video calls to up to 16 of my friends and if we’re just using the audio, then that would be 32 people. Over 5 people would be enough for me, but I really love how it’s just like I can apply filters on vide as if I was recording just a single Snap or sending it to my friends. I also love the option of wther I want to show my face. This aspect of the new Snapchat update that I read on NewsWatch TV reminds me of Skype.

Even though many people are not enjoying the latest Snapchat update, I think that the ones who are on the negative side of the fence will eventually start using the update and then like eveything else on the Internet they will adjust and end up falling in love with it. I lvoe the direction that Snapchat are going with this update.

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