New Fortress Energy's Wes Edens Warns the Public Against Relying On Information in The Forward-Looking Statements

Fortress Investment Group is one of the globally known private equity firms. Recently the company ventured into the energy industry and established a company by the name of New Fortress Energy to handle the investments and projects in the energy sector. The main aim of establishing such a company is to help the globe accelerate its plans to transits into clean energy. In recent times, New Fortress Energy under the leadership of its CEO and Chairman, Wes Edens sought to offer a 725million loan facility to Shipping Facility with the security of its eight vessels. The loan is depicted to attract an interest rate of 3% LIBOR and is pre-payable without penalty at par any period.

In its quest to aid the globe in a smooth transition to clean energy, New Fortress Energy under the leadership of Wes Edens has been on the frontline in funding, building, and operating infrastructure and logistics related to natural gas. The greater advantage of the company is that it will significantly help the world deliver fully integrated and turnkey energy-related solutions that will eventually improve environmental stewardship, enable steady economic growth and make major transformations to local communities and industries at large.

According to Wes Edens, Chairman, and CEO of new fortress energy, the company has also set its “forward-looking statements”. He asserts that the company is expected to utilize the proceeds earned from Shipping Facility to construct and develop energy-related infrastructure projects across the globe. The forward-looking statements are said to represent the company’s beliefs and expectations of future events. However, it is important to note that results expressed in the recently released press review may not be achieved. The forward-looking statements as outlined by New Fortress Energy are subject to uncertainties, risks, and other numerous factors. These factors are actually outside the control of New Fortress Energy and that could cause a major difference in the actual results.

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