Marc Sparks Transforms Office in Order to Transform Startups

A recent article about Marc Sparks revealed that he is up to making some changes in his office. In fact, Sparks decided to leave his office after 14 years in the same location.

The owner of Timber Creek Capital, LP, has a big vision for this new office space and for the entrepreneurs that he plans to impact. This new office space is designed to make collaboration easier on projects for the startups that Sparks and his team work with.

The private equity firm is focused on helping startups to get off the ground and become revenue generating machines. The firm owner calls this the “incubation period”, in which the business model is formed and the ideas to make it come to fruition are birthed.

This all takes place in an environment which Sparks now refers to as “more collaborative”. Sparks is so confident about the work-space where these ideas are born, that he says it makes up 25% of everything that it takes for a startup to launch and build momentum.

The Texas office location for Timber Creek LP is often referred to as the “hub”, where nearly every aspect of the business can be assisted with accounting, legal, customer service, and many other facets of their business.

Sparks has vast experience in business and knows what it takes to become an entrepreneur, and he shares that in his book, They Can’t Eat You. Sparks knows that experience means a lot when starting a business, and he shares his struggles and how he got through them in his book to help these young startups.

Sparks is active in Habitat for Humanity, but he also has his own organization called Sparkey’s Kids, in which he donates one thousand laptops specifically for at-risk children through American Can! Academy.

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