Malcolm CasSelle Revolutionizes Digital Asset Exchange

OPSkins is a company that sales in-game virtual assets and is herald as the largest bitcoin merchant in the world. As any centralized digital marketplace it is faced with the question of what is next. How can they ensure the exchange of assets that no longer contribute to fragmentation and fraud? What technology can they use to allow users to buy and sell virtual goods across borders instantaneously?

The answer is simple, by taking a proven concept utilized by Bitcoin and applying it to their digital marketplace. Logically, the next step is to move the existing centralized exchange and make it decentralized. This shift would result in a peer-to-peer network that cuts out the middleman currently holding other platforms back.

WAX Token will solve the issues fragmentation and fraud place on the exchange of digital assets. Called the Worldwide Asset eXchange, this type of tokenization is hugely efficient and provides a way for users to instantly complete transactions. With a blockchain enabled widget, it will also allow users the ability to buy and sell assets without leaving their games. It also garners a more secure way for them to connect by providing digital contracts that ensure transaction occur successfully.

This new platform has the potential to transport cryptocurrency into the spotlight as it no longer faces the issues of having to deal with payment processing, the differences in language or the problems that arise when a third-party is needed to complete such transactions. The whole process becomes streamlined and intuitive.

Furthermore, it functions by users voting on “Guilds” which in effect help the platform to maintain a high-level of security and reliability. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Malcolm is the man behind this shift, currently acting as Chief Technology Officer of OPSkins, he is also President of WAX. A graduate of MIT and Sanford University, he studied Computer Science and gained a lot of experience over the years in various roles within different startups.

The first was as CTO of NetNoir, a company he co-founded in 1995, which was behind an Afrocentric media production website later accepted into AOL’s Greenhouse Progam. It was the first outside company to achieve this.

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