Lori Senecal: Career Success

It says a lot about someone if they can accomplish goals. As simple as that sounds, not everyone can accomplish their goals. Especially in the business world, someone who can accomplish any goal is considered a valuable asset. There isn’t a company out there that doesn’t want well-trained, qualified professionals leading their business.

Some companies luck-out and find the perfect team member. Unfortunately, those people usually end up jumping from one company to another. There are a few that join a company and stay with that company, but most leave after a few years. Lori Senecal is one of those who leave after every few years.

In Lori’s case, it’s immensely sad when she leaves a company. To date, every company she’s worked for loved her. She’s always playing significant roles in the company’s global expansion and development. It wouldn’t be completely out of line to call Lori a global expansion expert.

She’s offered her expertise to several companies. Her first big break came when she worked for McCann Worldgroup. She was Global Chief Innovation Officer and used her position to expand McCann. She eventually moved to the company’s New York office. She also earned a Quantum Leap award from the AWNY Game Changer Awards.

According to Campaigne Live, after leaving McCann, she joined KBS as Global Chairman and CEO. When Lori started at KBS, the company was a small ad firm that only employed 250 people. By the time she left, she’d grown KBS into a 900-plus-person worldwide organization.

In a report by The Drum, even though she’s had tremendous success throughout her entire career, she didn’t become world-renowned until she joined CP+B. The moment she joined the company, she went to work reconstructing the entire business and its culture. Lori turned CP+B into a more inventive and collaborative company with a strong market flair.

As she’s worked for CP+B for a few years now, it seems as if her time with the company is coming to an end. Although she may leave, her contributions to the company will stay behind.

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