Looking at How Louis Chenevert Contributed to the Growth of UTC

Louis Chenevert is a successful entrepreneur and CEO who has shown excellent leadership skills in the various companies he has worked in. He has been actively involved in the entrepreneur world and helped shape the future of many companies. Some of the companies where he has previously worked include General Motors where he worked for over a decade, Pratt & Whitney business which is a unit of UTC where Louis worked for 6yrs and UTC where he held the capacity of the Chief Executive Officer. It is in the later that his exceptional leadership skills have been well depicted where the company has seen remarkable progress during the time he has served as its head.

UTC’s Philosophy

The company believes in investing deeply in both the people and current technologies. When Louis took over the leadership of the company, he upheld the company’s efforts and even he made it personal commitment and mission to ensure the business grows. He strived to see it that he left the company better than he found it by putting his knowledge and massive skills into use to the better of the company. Visit United Technologies website for more info.

The company’s mission to put resources in the ideal people is something great and should be emulated by others. Technological advances can help a company or business to grow, but then again being in the hand of the right people is of most importance. Combining an investment of the proper modern technological infrastructures and the right people can see a company or business take great strides in their efforts to develop.

Initiative Taken to Grow the Company

The corporation has asserted its pledge to capitalize on the right people by initiating an Employee Scholar Program. The program will see to it that their workers are equipped with the right skills.
The program helps them pursue higher education by catering for their learning expenses. This is a great way to give the company employees morale and feel they are part of the corporation. This is one way of ensuring the productivity of the organization is boosted which translates to more growth.

The program has not been futile as more than 40,000 employees have benefited since the program was launched back in 1996. The amount invested so far in the program sums up to more than 1 billion dollars. Contrasted with the number of employees who have benefited so far, the amount seems not to have gone to waste. This indirectly helps the company grow by ensuring they have personnel who are well-equipped with the essential expertise to steer forward its growth. Read more at Forbes.com.

Louis’ Departure

Louis Chenevert gives a real picture of quality leadership. He is not fast in judging, good decision maker and most outstandingly, very hardworking. Louis was a source of inspiration to other employees in the corporation which has enabled it to make tremendous progress. He has inspired many in handling tough projects in the Company that has significantly contributed to its growth. As the saying goes “Nothing lasts forever,” Louis left UTC in Dec 2014 under the leadership of Gregory Hayes. He induced his guiding philosophies of developing UTC to the new CEO.

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