Let’s all give a Hand, for Dr. Johanan Rand!

Dr. Johanan Rand is a weight loss medical expert, powerhouse who also specializes in rejuvenating medicine and anti-aging alternatives for his patients. He currently has a bioidentical hormone replacement practice and currently is the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center since 2010 located in West Orange, New Jersey. With his incredible training background from the prestigious Howard University College of Medicine, an internship at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and obtaining his residency at the renowned Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Johanan Rand is well resourced to bring the best centralized Healthcare service to his patients. Dr. Johanan Rand’s primary focus within his practice is to provide his patients with the best Individualized treatment specifically relating to aging. Dr. Johanan Rand believes we all have good and bad hormones in our bodies. He also mentions how the bad hormones within our bloodstreams become more prominent as we all get older, decreasing our good hormones within the same time frame (https://thenewsversion.com/2018/03/dr-dov-rand-rare-therapies/). Dr. Johanan Rand’s method of treatment revives the patient’s good hormones by applying bioidentical hormones to his patients and gives options regarding aging while also restoring hope, confidence and allowing the young at heart to not only feel but look more youthful.

Common concerns from patients seen by Dr. Johanan Rand are daily affected by conditions that affect them physically, mentally, emotionally such as weight gain, high blood pressure, hot flashes, insomnia, lack of memory, dryness in their vaginal area, erectile dysfunction, mood swings, panic attacks and depression just to name a few. Dr. Jonathan Rand’s medical staff is well-trained to assist each patient to focus on healthier nutritional options as well as exercise and therapies that ultimately helps decrease aging and prevent continuous illnesses and disease while also restoring their endurance and zest for life that they once felt in their earlier stages of life. After Johanan Rand’s treatment, his patients have noted to have more energy, tenacity, and resilience. Denouncing any ongoing anxiety, heart disease or depression as well overall improving his patient’s lifestyles. Dr. Johanan Rand’s incredible research proves how aging is significantly affected by bioidentical hormone imbalances, which he is rehabilitating one patient at a time. On behalf of all of us, who fear the inevitable regarding getting aging, Thank You, Dr. Johanan Rand, for giving second chances in more ways than one to a better life.


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