Kristin Ihle on How to Improve Employee Performance

Kristin Ihle is a renowned professional and personal coach based in Florida, United States. With over 30 years of experience helping various people improve their performance, Kristin understands a lot in the business world. She’s a certified multicultural psychologist who understands all the winning tactics in any professional environment. Today, Ihle is the president of Avant, a leading American consultancy firm.

Kristin has worked relentlessly hard to make Avant a world-class organization. Sixteen years since its inception, the Avant Company has expanded its client base tremendously. It presently serves numerous Fortune 500 Companies and top-performing startups globally. Ihle had a successful sports career before venturing into business and holding executive positions. Kristin had extraordinary athletic skills, making her one of the best collegiate athletes in the country. She also represented prominent international sports brands like Nike in various professional competitions.

Strengthening Employee Potential

Many companies would perform better if their leaders practiced certain potential unlocking techniques. Ihle strongly believes that every worker has some hidden capabilities. However, she insists that employers must be ready to do what it takes to activate the potential. Kristin Ihle says that organizing regular mentorship programs is one of the surest ways of achieving the best output from the employees.

Kristin argues that mentorship should come from within the company’s top leadership circle and not elsewhere. She recommends consistent sharing of knowledge and offering guidance to employees. For example, she urges business leaders not to abandon newly promoted staff but always show them the way forward. Providing professional assistance to new appointees enables them to adapt fast and push the organization to the next level.

The other winning tactic Kristin Ihle recommends is encouraging humility among the employees. She stresses that workers need to understand they’re all equal and replaceable. Knowing that no one is better than the other allows the employees to develop a spirit of unity, thus boosting productivity at the workplace. Ihle also calls on employers to teach their workers the importance of proper time management. Meeting the set deadlines leads to clients’ satisfaction and overall business growth. Learn more about Kristin Ihle