Kevin Seawright on His Mission for Affordable Housing

Homeownership is usually a challenging task on its own; it becomes more challenging for first-time buyers who have no clue to the subtle yet essential pieces of detail to succeed. So much goes into owning a house that most people find it easier to rent instead. But when you are looking to be your landlord, there is no doubt that a good property agent should be at the very top of your checklist. In the county of Baltimore, one property agent is making a difference for new homeowners, one sale at a time. Kevin Seawright admits there are many handles in the journey to homeownership in his own words. That’s why he consistently suggests the need for a good agent if you are ready to make this life-changing decision.

For Kevin Seawright, the goal is simple; he plans to create a stable community of homeowners in economically distressed neighborhoods. Kevin admits that he is passionate about housing because he understands the problem economically and administratively. Before going into real estate, he spent a lot of time in the local city administration offices and has pushed numerous support programs for community development. In 2015, Kevin Seawright created RPS Solution LLC to provide affordable homes that create stable communities for the local government. His company has partnered with various subsidy programs that offer development financing for homebuyers to assist with affordable housing.

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Kevin also offers his knowledge to first-time homebuyers on some of the hidden benefits that are key to saving money on unnecessary expenses when buying a house. He insists that nobody should rush into purchasing a property; instead, he suggests homebuyers consider spending less than what they can afford to create equity on their new asset. From an administrative standpoint, Kevin Seawright believes that if property agents work tirelessly to give people access to good homes, that creates a ripple effect on the state of the neighborhood. He insists that happy homeowners feel obligated to look after their area if they like it. If property agents work together with the local government to improve the houses, the buyers of these houses will help maintain them. Kevin Seawright believes that his company works towards achieving this relationship in the distressed neighborhoods to improve their economic status and effectively aid the city’s economy in the process.

The team at RPS Solutions LLC is also active within the education system and has been working towards ensuring that the children get access to the facilities necessary for their education; as Kevin says, “we help build the community from within.” Read more: