Kenneth Goodgame- A creative and innovative leader

If you are interested in marketing or finance, then there are key players in the field to look up to. Kenneth Goodgame should be one person that tops your list; he is a marketing and finance expert who has specialized in management and operation systems. As a leader and entrepreneur, Goodgame has earned excellent recognition for the kind of quality services he has offered working under several companies. He is an industry leader when it comes to making the right decisions and advising others what to do to turn the performance of their staff and business.

Kenneth Goodgame has a rich educational background; he did his undergraduate in Bachelor of Science in Marketing the University of Tennessee. Since his graduation, he has worked with top companies in the field and has held several positions of manager. Some of the top companies he has worked with include Home Depot and Ace Hardware. He has worked under this performs developing product systems and proper management for the profitability and growth of the company. He also created systems that would function continually in the long term.

Even though Goodgame has had positions that have a bias to merchandising, it doesn’t mean that he has no experience in other areas. He served on the board of several companies in a general manager and directorial capacity. His versatility has helped him become incredibly useful in several companies. He has in the past taken hold of falling businesses and provided them with a clear path to move forward.

Goodgame is simply a man with a great plan; his strategy is always paying off. He worked as the Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice-President at True Value Hardware Company. With his good background in the marketing sphere, he built a highly performing team that became an expert in the profit and loss management. His innovative programs have had a significant impact in the global marketplace. They have helped grow True Value Company to become an internationally recognized brand.

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  1. Kenneth Goodgame’s marketing strategy works like magic. His previous position at True Value saw him take the company to another level. The company reported quarterly earnings with incredible results. There has been so much going for especially when they have things figured out for others to emulate too.

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