Karl Heideck Gains Litigation Promise With Solid Work History

Karl Heideck has earned quite the reputation in his native city of Philadelphia. Having one goal in mind, he earned his Bachelors of Arts Degree in Education from Swarthmore College claiming that education provides a better understanding of the litigation process and practice in courtroom proceedings. It was during his undergraduate years that he developed the skills necessary to communicate, negotiate, resolve disputes, find a settlement and most of all pass the state bar exam. From here he was determined to become a licensed litigator and Karl Heideck entered Templeton University Beasley School of Law, receiving a Juris Doctor by the year 2009.

During his professional practice, Karl Heideck has obtained valuable experience in the areas of filing and responding to complaints as well as the complete litigation process which includes obtaining personal jurisdiction, pretrial, and post trial. Karl Heideck specializes in general law, which covers a wide variety of cases, including family, business, criminal and litigation.

Recently, Heideck has had his hands full in the city of Philadelphia, being that they were the first city to pass a law which bans employers from inquiring the salary history of their potential employees before hiring them. Karl claims the law works to close the gender pay gap; considering women traditionally get paid less than men in similar fields, they do not have much opportunity to negotiate a higher percentage of pay when looking at their previous salaries. The Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce challenged this law in court, saying that it had the potential to hurt business in Philadelphia by making it look complicated and unattractive. Of course, they could not prove this claim so the law went forward. Heideck doubted the success of opponents from the beginning saying their efforts would be ineffective, especially since the law promotes transparency in the workplace. Heideck did warn businesses to be more careful because inquiry includes independent research and if a business was ever found to go against the law it would have negative effects on them in the future.

Heideck also covered the news of a safety law in Philadelphia regarding children in automated vehicles. He applauds the state for requiring children under the age of two to be in a car seat facing the rear of the vehicle and encourages parents to review and take safety measures to prevent tragedies when companies have products to help families keep children safe.

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