Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil makes it Big as an Advertiser

Jose Borghi is the founder and CEO of Mullen Lowe Agency, a leading advertising firm in Brazil. He gains credit from creating some of the most influential promotional pieces that rattle the whole of the commercial marketing industry in Brazil. Among his greatest creations is the Mammals of Parmalat that featured children singing unforgettable jingles while dressed like stuffed animals.

Jose Borghi’s career was born during his high school days. The opportunity came after he accepted an offer from his sister to attend a show at Castro Neves Theater. The show entailed display of commercials organized by Cannes Worldwide Festival of Imagination where winners received golden lion awards. The performance created a burning desire and inspiration in Jose Borghi that he decided to follow the path of commercial advertising.

Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente and attained professional qualifications from PUC-Campinas. After his graduation, he joined Standart Ogilvy group nurturing his creativity and performance gaining credit for his contribution. Later, he partnered with Erh Ray and created a new advertising agency named BorghiErh. With no financiers, the duo worked hard and offered services to clients whose satisfaction gave the new outfit fame and success.

In 2006, BorghiErh won recognition of Lowe partnering to form the new ad agency, Borghi Lowe. With continued success, the advertising agency attracted the attention of Mullen Group who sought partnership. The new merger created the current Mullen Lowe a leading Brazilian advertising agency. Jose Borghi rose to be a co-CEO of the new agency alongside Andre Gomes.

Mullen Lowe advertising agency has risen with time to be a leading domestic and international player. Numerous awards including the Cannes Lions that inspired Jose Borghi are among the illustrations of the agency’s success. The firm wins contracts from major international brands among them Fiat, Delta Airlines and Asia Motors among others and more information click here.

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