Jason Hughes San Diego in a Nutshell

Jason Hughes is the CEO, owner and chairman of the Hughes Marino Company. The company was founded based on one idea – giving buyers and tenants the representation they deserve. The company grew to be the largest and best buyer and tenant representation firm on the west coast. Jason Hughes has championed a lot of developments in the company. He pioneered legislation that was signed into law in 2014. Hughes Marino Company also deals with lease auditing, planning and design, project and program management, among other things. 


The company started in San Diego, but it has grown to have different branches across the nation. Jason Hughes’ focus is providing deeper and more detailed customer services, unlike what has been seen before. Jason Hughes is very experienced in negotiating complex leases and purchases. He has helped many people in downtown San Diego and other areas like Carmel Valley for the years he has been in business. 

With all the dominance, professionalism, and experience in the field, successful businessman and entrepreneur Jason Hughes has received many honors and awards. His company has also won a lot of awards, including the best place to work at. He went to Pepperdine University for his bachelor’s and masters at the University of San Diego. He also took exclusive programs at UCLA, Harvard and UCSD. You won’t have to look very far before finding him in different business publications. Aside from his impressive educational background and business expertise, Jason Hughes has appeared in several TV shows.