Interview with Haroldo Jacobovicz

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a Brazilian Born and raised businessman who is trained as a Civil engineer professionally. Haroldo Jacobovicz has an undying passion for Information Technology, and he believes that most of the challenges we face can get solved by embracing technology. In this reawakening, Haroldo incorporated three companies that are all founded on bringing peoples and talent together to solve various challenges facing the industry using the available technology.

Haroldo is the founder of the Horizon datacenter, e-Governe Group, and the Horizon telecom. The technical expertise in those groups of companies has had a tremendous impact on the region and country transformation plan in the private and public sectors. His company, Horizon Telecommunication, is a perfect example of how a single company can significantly impact the economy. The company was involved in laying down the fibre optic, and it has been ranked as the best network in the region that is multipoint and non-redundant.

Horizon Telecom also plays a critical role in the supply of high-quality and advanced telecommunication equipment. Horizon Telecom got named one of the best in the supply of telecommunication equipment of high quality in Brazil’s technology.

Such awards and accolades won by Horizon telecom, and Haroldo Jacobovicz instituted the idea of starting another company under the Horizon umbrella that would address some emerging issues in the industry. Some of the aspects that Horizon Datacenter got incorporated in 2020 to address include issues with cloud connectivity amongst the vast number of clients Horizon telecom runs.

Also, when it comes to connectivity, Haroldo Jacobovicz saw an opportunity to connect many people and companies into the network. Since its incorporation a year ago, the Horizon Datacenter has seen much success, and they continue to conquer new territories as time goes by. The company is planning to expand to other regions in the quest to expand its coverage.

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