In The Spirit Of Halloween, Lime Crime Goes Gothic

Just in time for the spookiest time of the year, Lime Crime is delivering the darkness with a new line of hair dyes. This Autumn, their Unicorn Hair Collection is getting four new shades that are as gothic and sexy as your favorite vampire flick. This is totally new ground that they are covering in regards to their other brighter dyes. As they stated in a recent Pinterest post, the new dyes are specially made for darker-haired girls and other brunettes.

Chestnut is a smooth auburn that highlights the warmer, autumnal colors. If you’re going for a look that says “forest witch”, get wicked with the solid red Matte Velvetines Wicked lipstick. For a similar but more shining look, try the Metallic Velvetines Eclipse. No forest witch is complete without a mastery of magic, the magic of Black Magic Pop On Nails!

Squid, like the ink of its namesake, is a dark smog of the deep watery void. Mysterious purple lips with Matte Velvetines Raven compliments the cool obscurity. However, if your aim is to brighten the night while retaining a powerful violet, Metallic Velvetines Posh is what you’re looking for. Highlight that with the neon Lizard Pop On Nails for some nocturnal vaporwave vibes.

Charcoal is both smoky and hot, yet softly grey. For a sinful aesthetic, mix all colors of the Slither Bundle to create a fierce serpent-grey accent for your lips. If the color of the abyss is more your forte, get gothy with the Matte Velvetines Black Velvet lipstick. Between monochrome and rainbow, Storm Pop On Nails compliments this look uniquely.

Sea Witch is a dangerously dark shade of aquamarine green. Accentuate the mermaid tail color scheme with Metallic Velvetines Serpentina. For those who are more daring, experiment with the blood-red Matte Velvetines Dream Girl. Like a devilish mermaid’s evil eye, the Lizard Pop On Nails are a shocker!

All Lime Crime products and blue hair dyes are 100% vegan, verified by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Unlock the wicked beauty when these shades are released on October 24, exclusively on the Lime Crime website.

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