Improving Education with Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education launched its first school in San Jose, California over a decade ago. Despite Rocketship having made great moves in the community they tend to, Rocketship Education is still in its early stages of growth. They are still finding new and better means of serving their communities as well as their students, and they have learnt great ways of doing this. Rocketship Education has gained a lot of attention for being one of the leaders when it comes down to learning that is personalized. They are strong believers in bringing technology on board to further support the learning of their students and to also promote student agency. This is intended to understand the needs of their students better.

Rocketship Education is focused on elementary education, and despite this, their partners, funders and numerous parents have requested for them to make a K-12 system. This has always been a challenge due to the attempt of the building of a parallel system and transforming the public school system. Rocketship Education believes that the K-12 system undermines the capability to engage parents past the classroom and create equity demand from parents in the public education system, just as John King, the former US Secretary of Education, stated. Their next step was to build a parent leadership program which would in turn aid numerous families to exert their power to hold leaders accountable, avail top tier education and demand political attention to help the public school system to excel.

The school avails education to all kids regardless of their background, ethnicity, creed, class nor their race. Rocketship does not share in the belief that coloured students need to leave their community to have an opportunity for the school. They see that new pathways need to be made him comes to teaching to make sure that the students acquire the advantages of teacher diversity. They also believe that actions speak louder than words and the owner of Rocketship, having two children, both of his children attend Rocketship Fuerza Community Preparatory. Other than this, they also struggled to make up a quality program for challenged and disabled children.

Rocketship Education is a national non-profit network that handles public elementary charter schools which strive to serve communities challenged with a low income and with limited access to good schooling. Rocketship Education was founded in 2006, and it strives to cut out the gap by building a scalable school model propelling the achievement of students.


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