Highland Capital Executive James Dondero

James Dondero is a finance executive who currently oversees the Dallas based investment firm known as Highland Capital Management. As of today, James is the co founder and President of the firm. During his career, he has helped build the firm into one of the leading investment firms in the financial services industry. One of the reasons why it is among the top firms is because of James’ specialization in credit backed securities. His firm helps a number of different clients ranging from high net worth individuals to corporations. Dondero distinguished his firm from many others by offering collateralized loan obligations. Before he started up his own investment firm, James worked as a credit analyst. He also participates in a number of charitable activities in his spare time.

Dondero’s career began when he worked at an investment firm as a trainee. At this position, he provided analysis of credit based securities. When he was a credit analyst, James evaluated numerous securities and helped determine if they were good ones for both the firm and its clients to invest in. Within a span of several years, James would move on to other positions where he would oversee more assets for clients. His last job was as a chief investment officer where he managed billions of dollars worth of assets for major companies. These experiences helped give James the expertise to start up a firm of his own.

In 1990, James and Mark Okada co founded Highland Capital Management. When they first started up the firm, James offered life insurance products to consumers. Within the first few years, his firm was among the most trusted life insurance companies in the Untied States. By the year 1993, James wanted to expand the firm in terms of services offered. As a result he began offering services such as financial advisory, wealth management and asset management. In the late 1990’s, James began to offer collateralized loan obligations which gave his firm an advantage over the competitions. As of today, Dondero’s firm is among the most recognized in the financial services industry as it provides both institutional investors and individuals with the help they need to better manage their finances.

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