Goettl Air Conditioning Keeps A Local Focus

Goettl air conditioning started operating in Arizona in 1940. The company has a long history of happy customers and important innovations in the Air Conditioning industry. As technology has changed between 1940 and now, Goettl has been at the forefront of service and equipment enhancements. Up until For many years they have been locally owned. Up until just over a year ago the company even manufactured their own AC equipment. That branch of the business was dropped due to overseas competition.

Goettl Air Conditioning sold to Tenn. contractor

However, according to a recent East Valley Tribune article,Gottel may be doing more than just servicing other brands of Air Conditioners in the near future. An ARS/Rescue Rooter spokesperson was quoted in the Tribune article as saying that they may be reinstating the manufacture of the Gottel air conditioning units. ARS/ Rescue Rooter purchased the company and added it to their expanding portfolio. They own locally run business across the United States and the District of Columbia.

Although the ownership has changed hands, the local management has not. The company is still being led in Tempe by Dan Burke, the former president, and ARS/Rescue Rooter southwest division vice president Ken Goodrich. The staff and crew will also remain the same. The same outstanding service and quality of work will be expected.

The new ownership means expanding opportunities for Gottel air conditioning. The possible revival of the manufacturing of Gottel units would be great for the company. There are benefits for the Memphis, Tenn, based ARS/Rescue Rooter owners.

Gottel Air Conditioning focuses on more than just Air Conditioning. They provide knowledge and service in areas such as Heating, Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficiency, Commercial HVAC and Maintenance. They are experts at handling newer home installations due to the boom of housing in the valley over the last 75 years. Gottel is known for finding solutions for people who’s homes were built before central air was common. Swamp coolers and mini units are some solutions to keeping the heat at bay. The level of experience and expertise Gottel Air Conditioning has is exactly what drew ARS/Rescue Rooter to adding Gottel Air Conditioning to their portfolio.

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The local Tempe management team is looking forward to another 75 years of serving the Phoenix Valley.


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